Light & airy: Ardell Light As Air lashes

I love a good false lash.

When it comes to popping on some false lashes, I always go for a subtle wispy lash. When I was younger, I would always go big and bold, but now that I’m older, the more subtle the better.

Now the other thing I like to look out for when it comes to falsies is the comfort level.  The lash has to be flexible and comfortable to wear. I hate a stiff false lash band and one that is heavy.  If I’m wearing lashes, then I don’t want to feel them.

Ardell Light As Air lashes

So that’s where the new Ardell Light As Air collection comes in. This collection came out last month (April) and has a breakthrough fiber technology that has specially designed, soft lashes in an hourglass shape.  The fibres give a fluffy, flirty, and fluttery finish, making them very natural, but also noticeable.  These lashes also are 50 per cent lighter than other lashes and according to Ardell, are the softest texture in the market.

Ardell Light As Air lashes

The Light As Air collection comes in three different styles, two medium volume and one full volume.  All of them will leave you with noticeable, natural-looking lashes that won’t irritate your eyes or make them too heavy.

You can find these lashes at Walmart Canada for $7 each.  They also have them in multipacks.  I really love Ardell lashes and love all the innovations they have been releasing.  Again, I love a lighter lash, so these were right up my alley!

Ardell Light As Air lashes swatched

Have you tried the Ardell Light As Air lashes?

Please note, all products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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Going glamping: A weekend away at Wild Skies Resort in Manitoba

It’s finally the May long weekend. This weekend is often known as the unofficial start of summer and the camping season. It’s usually when cottage owners head out to their country getaways for the first time of the year, and when people book their camping trips to take in the great outdoors.

With the weather that Manitoba has been getting over the past few weeks (okay, let’s be real here, more like months), this weekend is looking a little different with lots of campground closures and the potential for rain, and dare I say it, snow!

I’ll be staying in the city this long weekend, however, I got my first taste of 2022 camping a couple weeks ago at Wild Skies Resort.

Wild Skies Resort is located around an hour away from Winnipeg, near Beausejour and Lac du Bonnie and opened last year. I first came across this resort last year on social media when I saw photos of their glamping domes. Now I have always wanted to stay in a glamping dome since a) it makes for super cute photos, and b) it’s a really fun way to get away from the city and is more elevated than camping and more unique than a cottage.

Wild Skies Resort In Manitoba Wild Skies Resort in Manitoba Wild Skies Resort in Manitoba Solstice Dome

Wild Skies Resort is technically located in River Hills, Manitoba and is situated on the banks of the Whitemouth River. They own 10 acres of land and housed on there are seven domes/tents, as well as a cabin to rent (they also host weddings as well!).

My friends and I booked their Solstice Dome, which is the largest of their glamping domes they have on site. The price starts at $225 a night and can accommodate 4-5 people. This dome includes a queen bed, as well as a bunk bed with a double on the bottom and a twin on the top. There is also a wood stove and solar fan, a kitchenette with mini fridge, kettle, microwave, hot plate, tableware, utensils, and basic cooking utensils. Outdoor there is a BBQ and patio furniture which is for exclusive use to your dome. We also had a private outdoor shower (only available in the summer months) and our own private outhouse.

Now I know outhouses are so not luxurious, but to be honest, we were all very impressed with the outhouse situation since each dome had their own exclusive one, and it was kept very clean and did not smell at all.

Solstice Dome at Wild Skies Resort in Manitoba Scrabble inside the Solstice Dome at Wild Skies Resort in Manitoba

On site there is also fire pits available, saunas (these are brand new and weren’t open yet when we stayed there), as well as a welcome centre (it was literally a shed) that had games, books, more kitchen stuff, sporting stuff, life jackets, etc. that guests can also use. Wild Skies also has canoes and paddle boards to use, however, since the river was so high, these were not available due to safety concerns.

As far as the domes go, the Solstice is the largest one, followed by the Aurora and Eclipse, which both can accommodate two people. The other accommodations are canvas tents and then there is one cabin, the Milky Way Cabin.

Now from the moment we walked into the tent for the first time to the point where we left, we were all just in awe in the hospitality and just sheer cool factor that this is here in Manitoba. Since I spend a lot of time in Montreal, I see online all the cool places there is to visit in Quebec, and I’m often finding myself saying, “I wish we had that in Manitoba!”. Just the fact that Wild Skies exists here is so cool and it’s the perfect getaway from the city for a weekend trip in the country (seriously, the fact that it’s only an hour from the perimeter is a huge selling factor for me).

Wild Skies Resort in Manitoba Solstice Dome at Wild Skies Resort in Manitoba Hiking at Seven Sisters Falls in Manitoba

The first night we arrived we were greeted by the owners’ dog Josie, who is such a sweet little girl and totally made us all miss our dogs. I also want to note that Wild Skies is pet friendly, it’s just an extra $30 per stay for your furry friend. We unloaded the car (they have little carts to haul your stuff in) and went to the little welcome centre where we got our key from the lockbox. From there, we found the Solstice dome and unpacked our stuff. The dome was very spacious and featured a beautiful panoramic window that you could unzip to let in fresh air (there is also curtains to close it at night), as well as a skylight. The dome overlooked the river, so it gives you a really scenic view.

We had brought all our food, so we made a little fire indoors and just ate and chatted. It was a very cozy Friday night and later on when we went to bed it did rain, so it was very peaceful to sleep with the fresh air and the sound of rain. I also want to note that the beds all have heaters on them, so if you do get too cold you can turn those on to warm you up (the mattresses were also very comfortable).

The next day we had a slow morning, read in bed, slept in, and then made breakfast on the little hot plate. We then decided to go on a hike at Seven Sisters Falls, which is about a 10-minute drive away. After the hike we came back to take a nap and relax (honestly, taking a nap in nature is the best and it’s so relaxing!). My friend was really excited to try out Colins’ House in Beausejour so we got in the car and drove the 20 minutes or so to town for dinner. After, we drove back and then just played Scrabble around the fire.

The next morning we made breakfast, cleaned up and then were on our way.

Since the domes have everything you pretty much need, all you have to bring is your food (bring all the condiments you need though since all they had in the dome was oil), as well as paper towels, foil, etc. There is water on site that is safe to drink, so just bring a water bottle (or you can bring bottled water but we wanted to be more environmentally conscious). I also want to note that there are tons of plugs in the domes to plug in your phone, however, there is no WiFi, so you’ll have to use the LTE network.

Fireplace inside Solstice Dome at Wild Skies Resort Wild Skies Resort in Manitoba Wild Skies Resort in Manitoba

Ever since we returned I have had so many people mention that they want to stay here (one of my TikTok videos blew up and currently has over 200K viewers). My recommendation would be to follow them on Instagram and sign up for their newsletters since I believe they are all full for the summer season (and if they aren’t there is very limited availability). We had actually booked this the moment their summer available was open to the public, so it does take some planning to get a booking here.

If you can’t get into Wild Skies this summer, take a look at Travel Manitoba’s website for other recommendations on where to stay in Manitoba.

This trip was sponsored by Travel Manitoba, however, all opinions are my own.

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Living loud: TPSY makeup comes to Avon Canada

The really cool thing that makes Avon unique is the fact that you can get a bunch of other brands through the network too in addition to their own products.

Recently, Avon Canada sent me some items from the brand TPSY, which is now sold through Avon. Now I’m new to this brand and I totally thought that it was an Avon sub-brand, but it seems like it is an American indie brand that takes its influence from Korean beauty brands.

The first thing that struck me was the super cute packaging. It comes in a baby pink packaging and it’s the kind of thing that I would normally gravitate towards.  So curious about the line?  Keep reading..

TPSY Forever Lip Marker

TPSY Forever Lip Marker

The TPSY Forever Lip Marker (C$22, on sale for $18) is a lip marker that leaves a beautiful tint on your lips. Available in five shades, these markers offer up hydrating and long-lasting colour.

The product comes in a marker design, which is unique but not typically my favourite way to apply lip products (although it does make it easy to apply). Avon sent me the shade Crazy Rabbit, which is an orange colour, and not something I usually gravitate towards, however, it did leave a nice orange stain on my lips.

TPSY Drunk Shiny Lip Oil

TPSY Drunk Shiny Lip Oil

For some extra moisture on the go try the TPSY Drunk Shiny Lip Oil (C$22, on sale for $18).

This lip oil, available in one shade, Love Galore, is an oil that instantly moisturizes lips  This oil is infused with jojoba, argan, and caster oils. It also has a slight tint that works with every lip colour.

This lip oil is very comfortable to wear and if you are looking for a more affordable alternative to the Dior Lip Oil, then I think you might like this.  It’s very moisturizing, adds a slight glossy texture to the lips, all without leaving them sticky.

TPSY Brows on Fleek Dual Eyebrow Definer

TPSY Brows on Fleek Dual Eyebrow Definer

Next up is my fave product from the bunch. The TPSY Brows on Fleek Dual Eyebrow Definer (C$20, on sale for $25) is a dual-ended brow pencil that comes in four shades and has a pencil on one end and a gel on the other.

I actually didn’t even realize this was dual ended the first time I used it.  The pencil part is super creamy and includes an angled tip to ensure that you draw on brows perfectly. The colour glides on the skin and looks very natural.  The other end is the gel which you apply via a spoolie.  You can use both together or one or the other for the perfect brow look.

TPSY at Avon Canada products

TPSY I Want to Highlight You Liquid Highlighter

Lastly, Avon sent over the TPSY I Want to Highlight You Liquid Highlighter (C$30, on sale for $25).

This highlighter comes in a pretty big packaging (I thought it was a setting spray at first) and is a cream highlighter that you apply via a pump. You can use this cream highlight either by itself or mix it in with your favourite foundation for the most perfect glow.

The formula is really nice and blends out nicely. It also includes moisturizing ingredients and ultrafine pearls for a subtle, dewy finish.

There are a few more TPSY items available on the Avon Canada site and I would definitely look into this line if you are in your teens or 20s since it’s such a fun makeup line that comes in the cutest packaging!


Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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