A colour for every mood: Fenty Beauty new Mattemoiselle Shades

Looking for a “pop of colour”. Okay, I know, totally lame joke, but I just had to :P.

So with that being said, if you literally are looking to spice up your lipstick routine then you must check out the expanded shade range of Mattemoiselle lipsticks from Fenty Beauty.

Adding 10 new shades to their already stellar line up, Mattemoiselle (C$23 each) is a slim lipstick with long-wearing soft matte colour (seriously, Fenty Beauty just knows how to do matte right).  It delivers incredibly pigmented colour in a matte formula that will hug lips for a lightweight wear. Now you guys know I have a ton of matte lipsticks in my collection already, but my favourite part about these are definitely the colours.

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle lipsticks new shades Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle lipsticks

Feeling like a black? A turquoise? Purple? Red? You name it, Fenty has it, especially with this expanded shade range. In fact, some of the colours looked a little too extreme for my personal liking, but then once I actually tried them, I didn’t mind them (especially Turks & Caicos, like hello!).

New to the collection are 10 shades to make a statement. The colours are:

• Thicc – Saulty mauve
• I Quit – True mink/brown
• Dragon Mami – tropical papaya
• Flamingo Acid – bright berry
• Ballerina Bubblegum – hot pink
• Pumpkin Rose – orangey nude
• Tiger Tini – exotic orange
• F’N Black – black
• Violet Fury – vivid violet
• Turks & Caicos – turquiose

Swatches of new Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle shades

Since I don’t typically go too adventurous with my lip colour that often, Thicc, I Quit, Dragon Mami, and Ballerina Bubblegum were the shades that instantly jumped out at me for everyday wear. Once I got to actually trying them though, I did enjoy all of them except for Pumpkin Rose, which is a little too pumpkiny for my skin tone. I think that one would look stunning on a darker or more olive skin tone though.

As far as regular ol’ lipsticks go, these are pretty awesome. I love the way they feel when applied on the lips and for the most part, they stay put all day. I might have to reapply them depending on what I’m doing, but the colour holds up fairly well. I also love the slim shape as they fit in even the tiniest of clutches.

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle lipsticks

If you are looking for some wild colour this season (hey, new year, new you!), definitely take a look at what Fenty Beauty has up their sleeve with these new Mattemoiselle shades. I brought Ballerina Bubblegum to work for those days where I need a little hot pink in my life to get me through all those work-related emails, but in the meantime, Thicc is probably my colour of choice since it’s the most basic, and let’s be real, i love basic things (#sorrynotsorry).

What shade are you most excited to pick up from the new Fenty Mattemoiselle shades?

Please note, I received this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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