Skincare blues: Tula Probiotic Skincare + promo code

There’s thousands of skincare lines out there.

Anti-aging, brightening, acne-clearing… whatever your skincare concerns are, there is a solution for it. Being a blogger, I get the chance to try out so many lines, and when it comes to skincare, I’m always happy to receive new products.  I especially love when a line that I’m not familiar with reaches out to try out their stuff, and then I’m happier when I find products that make my skin look and feel amazing.

Introducing Tula. You may have seen this line on Instagram (they have the cutest IG gifs), or you may have heard about them from other bloggers, but influencer-hype aside, their stuff really does work.

Tula skincare items

Tula products are 100 per cent formulated with probiotics, which is a bacteria known to help balance and calm your stomach, and also promote the look of skin’s natural balance, lock in moisture, and reduce the appearance of inflammation. They don’t include any harmful products like parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulphates, etc. Instead, you’ll find superfood all-stars like probiotics (to strengthen, calm, and soothe), blueberry (antioxidant), turmeric (anti-inflammatory), watermelon (hydrator), glycolic acid (resurfaces and brightens), rice protein (tone and texture), and more.

The brand was awesome and sent me a variety of different skincare products to try out. I actually brought a number of these along with me to Toronto at the beginning of July and was surprised by how much I loved this skincare line. Usually with travel, my skin doesn’t feel so top-notch, but this stuff really helped with keeping my face moisturized and luminous. As a result, I instantly grabbed it once I finished up my Drunk Elephant skincare items and couldn’t wait to fully lather my face in it every morning and night.

Tula Purifying Cleanser and Illuminating Face Serum

The first product I use is the Purifying Cleanser (C$35), which is a refreshing probiotic cleanser that cleans your skin deep into the pores to remove impurities and condition skin.  It’s perfect for all skin types and I love using it with my FOREO Luna or Clarisonic for an even deeper clean. I also have a mini of this (which I gave out in my Miami gift bags), which is in my travel bag. The full-size is 200 ml, which is a great size as you’ll get tons of use out of it. The star ingredients in this cleanser are lactic acid to naturally clean and exfoliate the skin; chicory root, which is a natural anti-inflammatory prebiotic to help boost the appearance of firmer skin; turmeric root, which helps reduce the signs of inflammation; blueberries, which help protect skin from free-radical attacks; and probiotics to hydrate and lock in moisture.

After your cleanser, try the Pro-Glycolic 10% pH Resurfacing Gel (C$42),  is an alcohol-free toner for all skin types that uses probiotics, glycolic acid, and beetroot extract to gently exfoliate skin, leaving it smooth, hydrated and even.  The pro-glycolic complex is a proprietary blend of 100 per cent natural lactobacillus probiotics and glycolic acid to help tone and exfoliate the skin. It also removes excess oil and debris.

After toner, I always use an undereye cream and then a serum. The Illuminating Serum (C$98) , is a lightweight serum that targets the appearance of dark spots, hyper pigmentation, and dull skin. This serum helps to reveal a more youthful glow and a brightened complexion thanks to vitamin E; citrus extracts and pearlescent pigments to visibly brighten the skin; safflower oil to hydrate and leave skin soft and supple, chicory root to boost the appearance of firmer skin, and probiotics.

Tula Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Gel Cream and Hydrating Day & Night Cream

As for moisturizers, I’ve been loving the Hydrating Day & Night Cream (C$65), which gives dull skin deep hydrating.  This cream nourishes skin and contains probiotics and superfoods like rice nutripeptides and watermelon fruit extract to give your skin an even, glowing, and youthful-looking complexion. The thing I really love about this moisturizer is the fact that it glides on skin, feels comfortable, and a little goes a long way.

If you prefer a gel moisturizer, then try out the Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Cream (C$64), which quenches skin, leaving it hydrated, dewy, and revived thanks to its weightless, oil-free texture. This moisturizer also have hydra plant complex to lock in moisture for instant, 72-hour hydration; fermented rice water to help pores appear smaller; and organic prickly pear extract to reduce the look of irritation and redness.

Tula also has a number of other skincare products available and you can find them all on their official site, If you’re interested in trying out a few products, they have some kits available, such as the Three-Step Balanced Skin Bundle, which has the cleanser, toner, and day and night moisturizer for C$124 (reg. price for all three would cost C$142). If you are looking for a new skincare line, I highly recommend checking out Tula. I find the prices to be reasonable (skincare is typically on the more expensive side in general), and the ingredients they use in their products really are top-notch.

Tula actually also started shipping to Canada as of this year, and since I’m such a fan of the brand, they hooked me up with a promo code for my readers. Score 20 per cent off your purchase with code SHAYNA.

What do you look for when buying skincare?

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