Sweet & sexy: Valentine’s Day picks from Organique


Chocolates, flowers and teddy bears are so last year.

Although I do love all three, flowers die, chocolates go straight to my tummy (summer is coming up and I’m going to EDC in Vegas in June – dieting starts now), and I mean really, what am I supposed to do with a teddy bear (I’m not knocking all three, but they just aren’t for me).  If you are at a loss on what to give this year for Valentine’s Day, a good old standby are some bath and body products.

I’ve mentioned Organique Cosmetics on here before, but the brand is a natural cosmetics line hailing from Poland.  They recently set up shop here in Canada and the reason I love them so much is because they are a bit more exclusive than other brands and I absolutely love their products.  From the natural ingredients to the scents, and the fact that they are European, this brand makes some great gifts.  So if you are looking for items that are more luxurious than your typical bath and body retailer from the mall, take a look at these.

Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, if you are getting it on with someone special this year, Organique has all the tools to have you covered.



Get started by lighting some scented candles. I love the Red Currant one for its extreme fragrant aroma. They are long burning and best of all, organic, natural and eco-friendly.   These were meant especially for those with sensitivity issues.


Okay, this one is a given (especially if there are hearts in them), but their glycerin soap will leave your skin scented and hydrated.  These are pretty affordable, so grab one or two and throw them in a gift bag with some other sweet items.  Great for loved ones or friends.

Bath bombs

A bath staple, who doesn’t love throwing in a bath bomb to end your day?  Make your night extra sexy by using in a raspberry-scented one, which moisturizes and nourishes dry skin while bathing. Nutritional soy bean and grape seed oils smooth, regenerate and nourish skin. Not only will your bath smell like raspberries (they also offer other fragrances as well), but your skin will be smelling like fresh raspberries right after your bath.


Bath Nectar

One of my favourite products (because its pink and sparkly obvi) is the Sensitive Bath Nectar from their Bloom Essence line in theirJapanese Cherry scent.  This gel soothe and rejuvenates the skin, while giving it a healthy appearance.  The extract from Japanese Cherries is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and C and rejuvenates and strengthens blood vessels with nutrients. I absolutely love the packaging on this particular product, even if you aren’t using it for that special Valentine’s Day night, it would make a great gift.

Bath & Massage Oil

Finally, what would Valentine’s Day be without a little massage oil? Their oils can be used both in a bath or for a massage (or both!).  Oil based on a  sunflower oil, rich in fatty acids and vitamins that strengthen, soften, and moisturizes and normalizes the skin. This oil (like other Organique products) contains no parabens, PEG-S, or formaldehyde donors, and many other ingredients that are found in other oils, making it totally safe for your health.

As for the next product, well I would imagine it would be something from Victoria’s Secret ;).

Whether you are getting your sweet or sexy on this Valentines’ Day, bath and body stuff is a must.  Check out Organique online for more V-Day appropriate items.

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