Smooth infusion: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Bodycare

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Argan oil has been the talk of the town for hair for the past few years, so naturally, this oil from the Atlas mountains in Morocco would make its way into skincare.

Argan oil, which for centuries was used traditionally by Berber women as part of their hammam beauty rituals to protect and nourish their skin and hair from harsh Saharan winds and fierce sun, is rich in essential fatty acids. The natural tocopherols found in the stuff make it a superior skin-nourishing ingredient.  Some even call it the “queen of oils”. Oh, you fancy, huh?

Although its typically used in the beauty industry as a hair oil, The Body Shop released a new line using the stuff in a nine-product collection for skin.  Products include a body butter, a radiant oil, a bubble bath, a rough scrub, a body lotion, shower gel, massage soap, miracle solid oil, and solid oil for lips.

Body butter Scrub

I received three of the nine products, the shower gel (C$9), the rough scrub (C$20), and the body butter (C$20), which is a Body Shop staple.  I did use all three last week prior to applying some St. Tropez bronzer (the best time to use a scrub is before applying self tanner – you get a more smooth application).  After, I used the shower gel, then the next morning, the  body butter.  Every time I have showered since, I have used the shower gel and then applied the body butter once my skin was dry.  I have noticed how smooth my skin feels after using the body butter especially.  If I were to recommend one product from the collection, it’s definitely the butter.  With that being said, I don’t find that these have a particular scent to them, which to me, is a huge appeal for people when shopping at The Body Shop.  If you struggle with dry skin, I would recommend checking out this line.  If you are more in the market for something that smells nice (Satsuma, anyone?), skip this.

Finally, in true Body Shop fashion, your purchase of these products help the lives of Moroccan Berber women and their families and communities.  The Body Shop, in close partnership with Targanine, a local cooperative created by women, for women, to help find buyers for their oil, is the company’s 26th Community Fair Trade partner.

Will you be trying The Body Shop’s Argan oil line?

Please note, I received these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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