#mykisstory: Lise Watier Baisers Velours matte lip cremes

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So Valentine’s Day came a week early for me when I got the cutest press send last Friday. Housed in an adorable box with my name on it (complete with a velour ribbon), Lise Watier sent over three of their new Baiser Velour lip colours.

If you follow myself or other Canadian beauty bloggers on Instagram, then you would have seen so many of these boxes pop up with the hashtag #MyKissStory. Lise Watier’s new lip product is a velvet liquid lipstick.  Although it looks like a gloss, it’s actually a pigment-rich matte lip colour you apply with the convenience of a gloss applicator.  The light, creamy formula goes on for a smooth, matte finish, and the extreme hold stays on your lips all day.

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Retailing for C$27 a pop, Baiser Velour comes in nine shades, everything from reds to pinks to corals to nudes. I received three shades from the collection: Love Kiss, a pink/red shade perfect for pale skin like mine; Sweet Kiss, a warm hot pink; and Eternal Kiss, a vibrant red (this one is darker than Love Kiss). Although I usually gravitate towards pinks first, my favourite from the three was actually Love Kiss. I don’t typically wear red that often since I find it hard to maintain (ain’t no one got time for that), but this shade was just so flattering that it’s now my go-to red (and I have a lot of reds in my collection).

As for formulation, these are just so creamy that they are very pigmented with just one swipe.  You certainly don’t need to use a lot, as a little goes a long way.  I did use a red lip liner underneath Love Kiss and Eternal Kiss and did find it helped a bit with the edges.  As with most reds I’ve used, I did find Eternal Kiss to be a bit messy as I have the tendency to clean up the edges with my fingers, which then gets the product on everything I touch.  It’s a personal thing, so if you wear a lot of reds, I’m sure you don’t have this same issue.

These are incredibly long wearing, but since they are matte, I recommend wearing a lip balm underneath or topping them with a gloss (if you want that look) for moisture. They held up well drinking and eating too. With that being said, I wouldn’t say these are kiss proof, although I didn’t get the chance to try that out, but just based on the consistency of the product, I wouldn’t say they are safe for making out.

Love kiss Sweet kiss Eternal kiss

Overall, I really enjoyed these.  If you love the look of matte lips, give these bad boys a try. Even if you don’t like mattes, I did top off Eternal Kiss with a plumping gloss, just because my lips felt dry that day, and they did have that mega shine, although I did find they were a bit too heavy with product with a gloss overtop.


Will you be trying any shades from Lise Watier’s Baiser Velours collection?

Please note, products were sent by PR.  All opinions are my own.

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