Big on brights: how to incorporate colour into your look for summer

Title Colour is a huge trend in fashion this season.  Whether it’s pretty pastels or intense shades, colour is making a comeback (did it really ever leave?).  Since fashion and beauty go hand in hand, a pop of colour to any look will make you on-trend for spring, even if you may be scared to wear something too eye-catching.

When it comes to cosmetics, bright colours can play a fine line between tasteful and too much.  Blues and yellows are usually my go-tos when it comes to having fun with eyeshadow, but if done wrong, you can look more hot mess than just plain hot to trot.

My mom recently picked up Clinique’s spring gift with purchase at Sears Canada, where it came with a super trendy eyeshadow duo.  As usual, you got to choose your colours, and the one she got had a deep taupe brown with an aqua blue.  Now I feel like aqua blue is one of those colours that look gorgeous in the tin but once you actually buy it, you get a sense of confusion on how to wear it.  Rather than sweeping it over the lids, I love adding the shade to my lower lash line, which puts an edge to any look.


1. Lay down an eyeshadow primer (I used MAC Paint Pot in Nubile), then with a shimmery white, apply this along your brow bone.  I used MAC Phloof! eyeshadow.

2. With a fluffy crease brush and a light brown, apply this right under your brow highlight, but slightly above your crease, acting as a transition colour. I used MAC Soba.

3. With a deep purple-brown (I used the brown (I believe it’s called Blushed) from the Clinique GWP duo) and a crease brush, apply this in your crease, blending it out.

4. Taking a lighter neutral shade, apply this on your lids.  I used MAC Grain.

5. Line your upper lash line with a liquid liner, winging it out, then apply some coats of mascara.

6. With a blue eyeliner (I used Rimmel London Special Eyes in Azure Shimmer), line your lower lash line.  The blue liner is going to act as a base for the eyeshadow we are going to apply next.

7. Taking a blue eyeshadow (the one I used from the Clinique duo is called Morning Java) and an angled pencil brush, go over the blue liner to really make the colour pop.  After, apply a few coats of mascara to your lower lashes.

Final 2

And that’s it!  You can do this with any bright colour shadow and totally make it wearable.  I love the juxtaposition of the neutral eye and the bright colour.  By doing this, you aren’t making the shadow too over the top. Plus, I find the whole look to be very eye-catching ;).

How do you wear coloured shadow?

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