Queen of Hearts: a Halloween tutorial

Halloween is one of the only times of the year when you can get crazy with makeup.  I’ve done “pretty” Halloween makeup looks in the past and wanted to spice it up a bit with something different. I found a similar look online through Google Images and it inspired this Queen of Hearts look.  I love the dark, smouldering eye juxtaposed with the ace of hearts card on one side of the face.

Here are the steps to create it:

1. Prime your face and apply a foundation all over your face, including over one of your eyebrows (the one the card is going over).  I used Makeup Designory foundation.

2. Grabbing the pinkest blush you have, apply this on the apples of your cheeks blending upwards. You can apply this with a more heavier hand than usual.  I used NARS Desire.

3. With a black eyeliner, draw an angled rectangle on one side of your face.  I used the black colour from the Make Up For Ever 12-color Flash Palette, but any liquid or gel liner would work.

4. Using white cream face makeup, fill in the rectangle. Do this step slowly so you don’t smudge the black. I used a concealer brush to trace along the black line and then a foundation brush to fill it in. Make sure you go over your eyebrows and eyelashes as well. I used the white colour from the Make Up For Ever 12-color Flash palette but you can find more affordable options at party stores.

5. With a white eyeliner, trace your waterline.  You want the whole card area to be white.  I used a NYX eyeliner in white.

6 & 7. With red cream makeup, load up a pencil brush and draw two hearts, one at the top and then one at the bottom on the opposite side.  Make sure that the bottom heart is turned upside down.  Also, draw one right under your eye. Once you have the hearts down, grab your black liner and write out the card number you want. I chose the ace of hearts. I used the red colour from the MUFE Flash Palette but you can use either red cream makeup from a party store or even a red lipstick or liner.  I also set the card with setting powder after everything was drawn on and filled in.

8. Moving onto the other eye, prime it with an eyeshadow primer then apply a dark coloured cream eyeshadow. I used Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe.

9. With a dark-coloured eyeshadow, apply this all over the lids.  Then, using a fluffy crease brush, blend the crease area.  I used Creep from the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette.

10. Using a cream eyeshadow, apply this to your brow bone. I used Virgin from the UD Naked 1 palette.

11. Grabbing that dark cream eyeshadow, apply it along your lower lash line.

12. Load up your pencil brush with the dark eyeshadow, apply this over the cream product on your lower lash line.  Then, with a black eyeliner, line your waterline. I used Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in black.

13. Curl your lashes then apply a volumizing mascara.  I used Rimmel London’s Volume Flash ScandalEyes mascara.

14. Apply the most daring lashes you can find to your eyes. I used Sephora-brand false eyelashes in Showstopper.

15. Using thinner lashes, apply these along your lower lash line. I used Ardell lashes in Babies Black.  You could also use individual ones for more control.

16. Using a highlighter, line under your eyes and blend to really make that eye stand out.  I used It Cosmetics Brow Power Lift, the pearl side.

17. Moving back to the card side, use either a concealer or matte highlight and trace around the card to make sure the lines are clean. I used the matte side of the It Cosmetics Brow Power Lift pencil.

18. Almost done!  For the lips, use either a nude lipstick or a concealer to take all the colour out.  I used MAC Myth.

19. With either red cream makeup or a red liner, make your lips look fuller and tighter and then fill them in. I used Make Up For Ever 12-color Flash Palette in the red colour, but any bright red liner and lipstick would work.

And that’s it!  If you wanted to get really crazy with this look, you can apply a white-coloured contact (like these) to your eye on the card side.

Happy Halloween!

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