The Holiday Collection: Hello Kitty Say Hello – Wild Thing Palette and Wild Thing Comb

It’s not even the end of October but I am already thinking of the holidays.  To me, there is no other place I would rather be than a mall around Christmas time; the music, the decorations, the sales, and the cute holiday-exclusive items – I love all of it.

Ask any of my friends and they may be inclined to say that I have an obsession with Hello Kitty.  I mean, how can you not love her cute little face (fun fact: I’m actually scared of cats).

Anyways, when Sephora brought out their Hello Kitty collection a few years ago I was giddy with excitement because hello, they are my two favourite things combined and sold at one of my favourite stores.  I haven’t tried the makeup portion of the line, but instead bought the cute little items that appealed the most to me (the hand mirror and perfume necklace).

Now if you have a friend or family member like me who loves Hello Kitty and makeup, the Hello Kitty Say Hello palette in Wild Thing is the perfect gift.  The palette, which has HK’s cute face over top of a giraffe print, has two layers: on the top there are four eyeshadows, and on the bottom there is a blush and bronzer two more larger sized eyeshadows, a brown and a pale colour, perfect as a highlight.

This palette is definitely for someone who loves nude colours or who doesn’t like wearing bold makeup (or even someone just getting into makeup).  It features an iridescent nude colour, a shimmery brown, a shimmery green, and a shimmery purple.  On the bottom level, Sephora describes the two colours as a blush and bronzer, however, they are more of a highlight and light bronzer.  You have to have pretty pale skin to use the darker of the two shades for bronzing.

The pigmentation on these colours aren’t as good as MAC, Inglot, or Urban Decay, however, for the darker colours I don’t necessarily mind that because you can always build up the intensity.

At C$43 this palette is perfect for those who are just getting into makeup, young at heart, or just love nudes and Hello Kitty.  Sephora also has two other palettes (Super Fun and Happy Fun) in the Say Hello range, but they both feature lip glosses in the bottom compartment.  If you are more of a lip gloss person, I would check those out.  I personally like the two powder products because I find lip glosses in palettes are just too messy and sticky to deal with.

If you are looking for a smaller gift to complete the set, or just a cute stocking stuffer, check out the Wild Thing Comb (C$14), which is an oversized wide-tooth comb perfect for your purse or backpack.  This is more of a novelty gift (this thing really is huge), but I mean really, who doesn’t need a comb?  Plus, this one is uber-cute and would make the perfect little gift for anyone Hello Kitty obsessed (like myself).

What’s on your holiday list?

Please note I was sent these products from PR.  All opinions are my honest own.

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