In the flesh: MAC Nubile Paint Pot

I was hesitant to do a review about MAC’s Nubile Paint Pot since it was released in 2011 in a limited edition collection, but if you are anything like me and search reviews before buying anything, I thought this may help some people out.

Nubile was released about a year ago and has been on my wish list for a while now.  I actually found it at the CCO in Las Vegas for $11.25 and it was the last one, so it was meant to be.

The colour is a perfect match for my skin tone; it’s a matte beige shade. I have been using this product in a variety of different ways – as a primer, eyeshadow, and base.  Aside from those purposes, I mostly have been applying this on lazy days. If I feel like a cat eye, I will use this all over my lids before the eyeliner and mascara.  Or, if I want something smokier, I apply this with a dark brown in the crease.  It’s a great neutral colour to sweep across the lids, and because of that, I consider it a staple in my collection.

Nubile on top, Bare Study on bottom

The only other Paint Pot I have is Bare Study, which is a frosty neutral colour with white undertones.  They are both neutral shades but I would use them for different purposes.  Bare Study can be used as a highlight or to just add a bit of glam to your lids.  I believe that Painterly, which is a colour I don’t have, would be a closer dupe to Nubile.

If you can still find Nubile (check your MAC counters or a CCO) then I would definitely pick it up.  It’s such a universal colour that is perfect for any makeup collection.

Have you tried MAC’s Nubile Paint Pot?  If so, what are your thoughts?

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