The perfect bronzed glow

I have always been obsessed with bronzer.

I don’t typically tan very well so I often have to fake it. A forever lover of self tanner, I also am a daily user of bronzer. Bronzer has so many features to it, you can use it warm up a face, as well as a contour agent so your skin looks more sculpted.

I have tried a few bronzers and still have a number of them in my collection.  Some go on quite chalky, others too dark, so I often stick with my tried and true (and everyone’s favourite cult bronzer) NARS Laguna. Unfortunately I ran out of it earlier this year so I have been using NARS Casino with the occasional application of Joe Fresh’s bronzer (which I have had forever but it applies quite well).  I have a few more but they are more trouble than they are worth to apply.

It Cosmetics was kind enough to send me their Bye Bye Pores Airbrush Bronzer and Illuminator Wand Brush last week and although I have tried a few products from the brand, I haven’t used any of their powders.  I have tried their Bye Bye Under Eye concealer and swear by the stuff, and their Bye Bye Pores product is an award-winning “airbrushing in a jar” finishing powder, so I figured this bronzer would probably be good.  And yes, just like every product I have tried by the brand, it’s pretty freaking fantastic.

Just like all their other products, the Bye Bye Pores Bronzer was developed with leading plastic surgeons and is a super lightweight micro-bronzer that is supposed to deliver a face-perfecting vitality glow and airbrush effect.  The product absorbs oil and shine, and blurs away the look of pores without settling into fine lines and wrinkles.  The product also includes hydrolyzed collagen, silk, and vitamins A, C, E and K that treats skin with anti-aging benefits, giving a more youthful radiance while blurring away the look of imperfections.  Alright, enough PR talk, does the stuff actually work?

The first thing I noticed when I opened this product is that this is bound to get messy.  And yes, even after using it, I still think this way. Luckily there is a little puff that I always cover the holes with, because honestly, I don’t think I would even ever use the puff to apply bronzer anyways, if just doesn’t seem like a good idea in my mind (unless, you know you really wanted to cake the product on).

It Cosmetics also sent me their Illuminator Wand Brush, which is the first brush from them I have used and wow, this thing is incredible. Not only is it the softest brush I have probably ever used, it also distributes the product wonderfully on my face.  I dip the brush onto the holes in the jar and then tap off the excess in the lid.  If I want more product I will just use up whatever is left in the lid.


Here is my before shot, so full face of makeup but no bronzer or blush.


Here is my after.  I look much more bronzed (yes, I should have blended the product onto my neck as well, I snapped these shots getting ready for work so I didn’t have a lot of time).  I also have to admit that I do look a bit airbrushed and I although I do Photoshop my photos, I only tinker with the lighting (check out my FAQs for my information on how I edit photos).

I found that this product goes on very lightly on the skin and it’s subtle, but not in a bad way. I have a few bronzers that when you apply them they are just this chalky mess and you can clearly see the bronzer; with this product it’s a nice natural-looking glow.

I have to admit that I really do love this product.  Although it may be a bit messy to store (I make sure to lay this flat, not on its side), this stuff is great and I don’t think I would even repurchase NARS Laguna right away (I was planning on picking it up in Vegas at the end of the month).

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Bronzer retails for $24 USD at or at QVC.  For my Canadian peeps, you can pick it up at for C$29.  Seriously though, if you need a new bronzer, pick this stuff up, I can’t recommend it enough.

Have you tried It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Bronzer?  If so, what were your thoughts?

Please note, I was provided with these products for review purposes.  With that being said, all opinions are my honest own :).

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