A total game changer: Kiss Falscara Eyelashes

Kiss Falscara Lashes

I love the look at false lashes, but let’s be honest, they can be really finicky.

I can’t get lash extensions anymore since I had a bad reaction to them a few years ago, plus they just don’t fit my lifestyle anymore.  I love the look of long lashes so I do get a lash lift and tint, but if I want something more dramatic then I’ll pop on some falsies.

Now as much as I love falsies, I do get annoyed with them often. I hate that you can often see the band and sometimes they have the tendency to poke my eyes (name a worse feeling than having your false eyelash irritate your eyes).

I’ve known about Kiss’ Falscara lashes for a few years now (I think the first time I had heard about them was at NYFW in February 2020) and I thought they were such a good idea. These promise you the look of false lashes since they go underneath the lash line instead of on top, so it’s a more natural look since there is no band to be seen.  I’ve heard of this trick from YouTubers but have never tried it out, but I had seen that the results and liked how they turned out.

These lashes actually come in a starter kit (C$26.99), which includes the Bond & Seal, individual wisps, and the applicator. You can of course purchase all these items separately, but you will require the Bond & Seal to apply them, as well as the lashes of course!

Kiss Falscara Starter Kit

So how does it work?  So first you start with the Bond (the Bond & Seal come as a double-ended product), which is a tiny little mascara brush that you apply to your lashes like you would mascara, but concentrate it at the base of the lashes. Next, grab one of the wisps and then place them along your waterline on the lashes.  They surprisingly stick very well and I found the process to be very simple and easy.  Just work your way along your waterline and since they are individual clumps of lashes, you can create a custom lash look (by either building them up or placing them where you want them; maybe you want to create a more cat eye effect and place them along the edges of your lashes).  After you are done applying the lashes, take the Seal part and run it along the lashes underneath to seal them in.

Kiss also offers a Overnighter bond so you can wear these for up to 10 days, which really gives you that lash extension effect.  They also have a remover to easily remove them.

Kiss Falscara Starter Kit

So I absolutely love these and I am a changed woman when it comes to false lashes.  These give you a lash extension effect and best of all, you don’t feel them.  No poking, no worrying that one of the edges is coming off, you don’t have to worry about all that with these, which is incredible. For the photos I also didn’t apply mascara over top of them but if you did, the results would look insane.

Now in terms of removal, these were very easy to remove. I just put micellar water on a cotton pad and applied them to the lashes and then just gently pulled the lashes off.  I will say though that the lash adhesive was tough to remove, as I still felt like my lashes were a little sticky when I woke up the next day. I haven’t tried their remover, but I would be interested to see if it removes the adhesive too.

Kiss Falscara Refill Lashes Kiss Falscara Swatched

Overall, if you are a false lash wearer, or if you love extensions but can’t justify the cost or just can’t do them like me, then you need to try out this set. I am already thinking of so many places that I’m going to wear these since they just add some volume and length to your lashes would be so perfect for everyday wear or to wear on vacation.

Kiss also offer a multipack of the lashes (C$12.99) for when your starter pack runs out, which I do recommend picking up. In general though, I think that this is a product that every beauty lover needs in their makeup routine.  It’s absolutely incredible and a wonderful innovation.

Kiss Falscara Lashes applied

Have you tried Kiss Falscara Lashes?

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