Lashing out: New lash innovations from Kiss products for 2021

Kiss lashes for 2021 When it comes to false lashes nowadays, they only time I really apply them is when I’m taking photos.

Since I have so many lashes of all different price points, to throw on a lash for a few hours isn’t something that I normally like to do.  Now with that being said, I love magnetic lashes since I like how I can just throw them on, there is no lash glue and then take them off when I want.

I was really impressed with Kiss’s Magnetic Lash system when they released it last year and often throw them on for a quick photoshoot.  The way it works is there is a magnetic liquid liner and the lash has tiny magnets on them that sticks to the eyeliner.  I thought this was a really cool innovation, so when I saw that they released a Lash Glue Liner, I was like this is too good to be true.

Well friends, it’s not.

The Kiss Lash GLUEliner (C$13.97) comes in black and translucent and works as a liquid liner that doubles as a glue. All you do is apply this liner as you normally would and then pop on some falsies and that’s it!

Kiss Glue Liners

Naturally I tried out the black one first and was pleasantly surprised by how well this worked. I paired the liner with one of their new MLBB lashes (more on that in a second) and basically as soon as you paint the liner on, you just stick on the lashes. I’ve used this a couple times now and found that they did stick on well.  Of course there was some trial and error with this in that you should apply the mascara first since there won’t be time afterwards (unless you use it after you apply the lashes). Also, have your lashes ready to go since I found this did dry quite quick.

As for wear, the lashes did stay on quite well with no corners coming off.  When I removed the lashes it was an easy removal, so I would probably reserve this more for day or everyday wear as opposed to a night on the town when you need those lashes glued on solid, just to be safe.

Kiss also offers this in a translucent liner as well, which they recommend you apply underneath your regular liner, not over. I feel like if you are going to get a product like this, you might as well stick with the black since otherwise I would just get the lash glue, but I can see the appeal if you have trouble with lash glue and the translucent version would make this easier for application.

As for removal of the liner, I will say that it was a little tougher to remove as opposed to a regular liner, however, I do find the magnetic liner to be a little hard to remove as well.  I also want to note that this doesn’t feel tacky, sticky or uncomfortable when applied.  It just feels like a normal liner so it is quite comfortable.

In addition to the Lash GLUELiner, they have also released a number of new lashes as well.

Kiss Lash Couture Matte Black lashes

First up is their Lash Couture Matte Black collection, which I find to be their most dramatic lashes.  The Matte Black collection features lashes with a diffused, soft matte finish in the darkest black colour they have.  These are definitely extremely glamorous and look and feel like mink (they are synthetic).

The band on these lashes feature a knot-free design and is on the thinner side compared to its other faux mink counterparts. Although they have a heavy look, they have a comfortable feel when applied.

Kiss MLBB lashes

Since I’m more of a natural girl, I love the MLBB lashes (C$6.97), which stand for My Lash But Better. These are a more subtle lash, which Kiss says is perfect for day-to-day wear. It comes in four styles and features a superfine band technology, making it easy to blend in with your natural lashes.  These lashes are great too because, depending on the style you choose, some are more dramatic than others, but they all feature a more natural looking, making these the perfect lashes in my opinion (I’m wearing the style Blessed in the swatches photo below, along with the Lash GLUEliner).

Finally, they also have a couple new multi-packs which are always great to have in your collection (especially if you wear lashes often or are a makeup artist).

Kiss Lash Couture bundle

The Lash Couture Faux Mink Curated Collection (C$19.97) contains four styles of lashes that are influencer favourites.  These are all part of their Lash Couture collection, which look and feel like mink lashes but are synthetic.  Unlike their other multipacks, each of the four styles are different and range in drama. Two of the lashes (Little Black Dress and Gala) feature a black band, whereas the other two (Muse and Jubilee) feature a clear band.

The other new multipack is the So Wispy Curated Collection (C$13.97), which comes with five pairs of lashes.  Again, each lash is different and they all feature their signature wispy effect, which is my personal favourite when it comes to lashes.

All of these lashes feature a clear band, making it easy to blend in with your natural lash.  I love this style personally since I find them to be the most flattering and natural when it comes to lashes and really just heighten your eye look.  I think the Lash Couture lashes are better for photos, but when it comes to real life, I would go with these So Wispy ones or one of the MLBB ones.

Kiss Lash Liner Glue and MLBB lashes applied

As you can see, Kiss has so many amazing lash innovations in store for 2021 and best of all, since they are a drugstore brand, everything is really affordable.  The multipacks are the best bang for your buck, and I love how they came out with packs that feature different styles instead of all the same kind of lash. I have always loved their Ever EZ multipack, but I think that these new ones will definitely be getting more wear and rotation in my collection (when I actually want to wear lashes/have somewhere to actually wear them).

Will you be trying out any new lash products from Kiss?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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