Stuck together: Kiss Magnetic lashes and liner

Kiss Magnetic lashes and liner applied

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love magnetic lashes.

I’ve tried a number of different kinds out there and truthfully, most of them have been fails. I feel like when it comes to magnetic lashes, when they first came out there was lot of room for improvement and then as the years went on they got better and better.

I love my TOK lashes, however, she recently stopped making magnetic lashes, so once the ones I have now wear out, I’ll need to find something new. Thankfully, Kiss Beauty released a magnetic liner and lashes just in time, and spoiler alert, they are amazing.

Kiss Magnetic lashes and liner

So when magnetic lashes first came out, they worked by having two lash strips with tiny magnets on the band that sandwiched your natural lashes.  These can be tricky since depending on where the magnets are and how many there were, they could be difficult to apply in a manner that made them look natural.  Then brands came out with an eyeliner which had magnetic properties in it so you only really needed the one band since it would attract to the lash. This is how the Kiss lashes work.

The Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner (C$15.99), sold separately and in lash kits, is a liquid liner with a brush that allows you to apply the product easily on the lash line.  This contains biotin, which can help lashes grow longer, and is a smudge-proof formula.  For the lashes to stick properly and stay, apply two to three coats of this liner.

Kiss Magnetic lashes and liner Kiss Magnetic lashes and liner

As for the lashes themselves (C$9.99), there are five different styles, either sold separately or in a set with the liner. The styles range from more natural-looking to dramatic, which I love since it really gives you a range of different looks.

These lashes comes with five double-strength magnets, which is more than I have seen on other magnetic lashes.  From what I used seen in the past, it’s usually either two or three magnets. The fact that these have five help the lashes stay on even better with the liner.

As for how well they stay, Kiss says these are wind resistant and having tried them, I did find them to be easy to work with and not budge at all. All you need to do it put the liner on and then place the lashes close to your lash line. That’s it!  Also, because you don’t apply the glue on these lashes, and you wait for the liner to dry down completely, you’ll get way more wear out of these than your standard lash.

If you can’t tell already, I absolutely adore these and just like most other Kiss products I have tried, these are so impressive and worth all the hype. I will say that I found the liner to be a little messy and it kinda got all over my hands, but it was worth the mess since these apply like a dream and are so easy to just throw on and go. Best part is the price.  For under $20 you get an amazing set of magnetic lashes that work better than those which are three times the price.

Have you tried the Kiss Magnetic Lashes?

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