Tinted treatment: Indeed Hydraluron+ Tinted Lip Treatment

Indeed Hydraluron+ Tinted Lip Treatment

If there is one thing that you would find in every single bag I own, as well as every room of my condo, it’s a lip balm of some sort.

You never really can never have enough of these since the second you don’t have one handy, that’s when dry lips will hit you. So since dry lips are the worst feeling, I make sure to have a balm or two kicking around everywhere.

Since my love for lip balm runs deep, imagine my surprise when I received two new ones from Indeed Labs.  I’ve been using their products for years now and love how they are natural versions to some of the most beloved skincare items.  They have natural version of everything from retinol to even blue light protection.

Anyways, earlier this month I got in a little Valentine’s Day themed package with their newest product, the Hydraluron+ Tinted Lip Treatment (C$14.99), which now comes in two colours, red and pink.  This product is a sister to their award-winning Hydraluron+ Volumising Lip Treatment, same formula but this time in colour!

Indeed Hydraluron+ Tinted Lip Treatment

These balms feature the same formula as the original lip treatment, including anti-aging and hydrating ingredients, as well as actives that help to soothe, treat, hydrate, brighten, and plump up lips.  One of the star ingredients is Volulip, which is an active that contains a plant extract and a natural modified matrikine-memetic peptide to plump up lips by hyaluronic acid synthesis. What it essentially does is mimic a hyaluronic acid injection (aka lip fillers) by doubling its synthesis level, as well as stimulating the synthesis of matrix and dermal epidermal junction molecules. As a result, you’re left with fuller-looking, more hydrated lips.

The product is really lightweight and feels silky on the lips. As soon as you apply it, it goes to work to hydrate and enlarge lips, thanks to the pomegranate sterols, coffee, tea, and tropical food extract. As soon as you apply this, you can feel it working and it is a really pleasant wear. There is some slight tingling at first but that goes away quickly.

Indeed Hydraluron+ Tinted Lip Treatment Indeed Hydraluron+ Tinted Lip Treatment

As for colours, I was naturally drawn to the pink shade first, and considering that I don’t wear a ton of makeup nowadays (thanks COVID), I didn’t find the colour to be too vibrant against my bare skin.

The treatments come housed in a squeeze tube, allowing for mess-free application. As with all of Indeed Lab’s products, they are SLS and SLES free, phthalate free, silicone free, fragrance free, mineral oil free, vegan and cruelty free.

I really like these as an alternative to lipsticks right now since we have to wear masks anyways anytime we go somewhere, so at least I can still get some sort of colour without it getting everywhere.

Have you tried Indeed Lab’s newest lip treatment?

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