The power of pink: Trying out Alya skincare

Alya skin review A must-have for me every week?  Throwing on a face mask.

I usually reserve Sunday nights for my mask time, but sometimes I’ll throw in an additional day throughout the week depending on how my skin is looking and feeling.  I have a lot of face masks in my collection (the skincare kind FYI… although I do have a lot of masks now too for when I’m out and about); everything ranging from gels, sheets, clays…. you name it.  With that, I’m always down to trying out new brands and formulas as well.

Alya Skincare has been on my radar for a while now, mostly due to it’s super cute pink packaging.  The brand is quite small in their offering, but I like how the products all work together so you get a nice and through routine.

In case you aren’t familiar with Alya Skincare, they hail from Australia and their star product, the Pink Clay Mask, is made with Australian clay, which detoxifies and brightens your skin.  This clay is also safe for sensitive skin types and all their products are vegan and animal cruelty free as well.

Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask

The brand launched in Canada in 2019 online and you can find their products in store at select drugstores as of February 2021.  Like I said, they are known for their Pink Clay Mask (C$49.95) which is made with kaolin clay, witch hazel, aloe vera, and Vitamins C and E. This mask detoxifies and brightens your skin, as well as tightens pore.  It helps to extract pollutants and junk from your skin and will also assist in the removal of acne and pimples.  Just apply the pink clay to your face, chill out for 10 minutes, then rinse.

Speaking of rinsing, use their Foaming Micellar Cleanser (C$19.99), which is infused with watermelon seed oil, essential rose oil, and witch hazel. This foaming cleaner will help to hydrate, rejuvenate, and cleanse skin, while the micelles draw out dirt and oil without drying out your skin.

Alya Skin Foaming Micellar Cleanser and Scrub

Now that your skin is cleansed, use their Australian Native Berries Moisturizer (C$24.95), which hydrates and moisturizes skin thanks to the added pepperberry, macadamia oil shea butter, and riberry.

The brand also has a scrub, the Pomegranate Facial Exfoliator (C$24.95), which they recommend using prior to the Pink Clay Mask (I actually like to use it after to help remove the mask).

This scrub is safe for sensitive skin and will deeply exfoliate and cleanse your skin.  It helps to extract pollutants and dirt and will also help with acne and pimples

Alya Skin Australian Native Berries Moisturizer

As mentioned, all of Alya Skin’s products are vegan, cruelty free, and come in the cutest pink packaging.  Alya does recommend using their products together for the best outcome and overall, I have used the regimen as a complete set.  They have also recently released a serum as well, so I like how they are building up their collection (they just need an eye cream and toner now!).

I like this brand, however, I would recommend it more for those who are under 30 since I prefer more anti-aging benefits personally, but for the Gen Z crowd I think this would be really beneficial for their skin and the cost is at a good price point as well. You can find them via the Alya Skin site or on

Have you tried Alya Skin before?

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