Super(food) lashes: Bite Beauty Upswing Full-Volume Mascara

Bite Beauty Upswing Full-Volume Mascara

Hands up if you’ve been loving all the clean beauty mascaras coming out lately!

Last week I chatted about CoverGirl’s newest mascara, the Lash Blast Clean Volume mascara, and shortly after I wrote that post I got in Bite Beauty’s take on it, the Upswing Full-Volume mascara (C$37).  Now when it comes to Bite Beauty and their line up of products, I’ve only really ever tried their lip products. They also have a foundation, a primer, a powder, and more, but they started their line with lips and I can tell you, they do lip products quite well (especially considering that they make their products with all natural ingredients; their whole schtick is that you can literally eat their items since there is nothing bad or chemically in them).

Bite Beauty Upswing Full-Volume Mascara

Brand new to the line is their first mascara, Upswing, which is a volumizing mascara that is also flake resistant and will give you lifted, long, and curled lashes. The brush features that hourglass shape I love and is designed to curve around the lashes for the right amount of lift.

The formula of the mascara itself contains vegan tree berry wax to grip the lashes for buildable and lightweight volume. This mascara is definitely very buildable and will give your lashes the right amount of lift that we all strive for.

Now I feel like I have that preconceived notion that just because it’s a clean beauty brand, it won’t work as well as my other mascaras.  This one actually does a pretty good job in giving younoticeable lashes.  It doesn’t quite crack my top five, however, I do think it gave me nice looking and long lashes.  Compared to CoverGirl’s version, I would say that this one performed better for my lashes personally, but I have a soft spot for that hourglass brush, so I knew I would really enjoy it.

Bite Beauty Upswing Full-Volume Mascara brush Bite Beauty Upswing Full-Volume Mascara swatches

I’m really happy that Bite Beauty came out with mascara since I don’t think there are a ton of vegan and clean ones on the market. It seems like more and more brands are releasing them and I’m happy to see that this is now the norm for a lot of companies out there.  If you are on the hunt for a good clean mascara, I would look into Upswing.

Have you tried Bite Beauty’s Upswing mascara?

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