Sparkling colour: Avon Be Bold lipsticks

I’m kind of in a strange predicament. I’m in the weird balance between having left-over holiday items and nothing new yet for January. Since it’s the beginning of a new year, the brands are slowly releasing their spring 2020 items, so this leaves me with not a ton of items to actually review.

One of the mailers I got when I was away in New York were some holiday goodies from Avon, and although these are sold out online, I still wanted to chat about them because they are super cute and they may still be available through your local Avon rep.

The Avon Be Bold lipsticks is a line of three shades that is totally something you want to add to your makeup collection. The first thing you’ll note about these stunners is the beautiful packaging. Not only do they come in a stunning box, but the tube itself is silver glitter, perfect for tossing in your bag for a night out.

Avon Be Bold lipsticks Avon Be Bold lipsticks and box

Available in three shades, Power Pink (fuchsia), Plum Perfect (purple), and Rule in Red (red), these beauties back on bold colour that is sure to turn heads.

All three shades are very vivid and apply easily to the lips. Truthfully, these really remind me of the Juicy Couture lipsticks that I reviewed in the fall last year since the shades are very similar and both of them use glitter in their packaging (although the Juicy ones have glitter on the actual bullet.

These deliver colour in a creamy matte finish, meaning that they are very comfortable to wear. Since it’s a normal lipstick formula (as opposed to a liquid one), you will have to reapply the colour throughout the day, however, with packaging that cute, I’m sure you won’t mind pulling the lipstick out to reapply it.

Close up of Avon Be Bold lipsticks Swatches of Avon Be Bold lipsticks

It unfortunately doesn’t look like Avon has these lipsticks part of their regular collection, but I hope they bring them back and make them permanent since I believe glitter shouldn’t be a seasonal thing. If anything, it makes me want to pull them out more often, plus it doesn’t hurt that the colour is pretty fabulous too!

Did you manage to snag any of the Avon Be Bold lipsticks?

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