No more dry skin: Products you need to try from Lano

I’m writing this post sitting in the airport about to head home from New York. The weather right now in NYC is 3 C and in Winnipeg it’s -20 celsius.

Although I’m happy to be home for a few weeks (I head back in early February!), the thing I’m not happy about is the cold. Every winter I wonder to myself why I live in Winnipeg. When I see people complain about the cold in other cities, I always think to myself, “oh honey, you have nothing to complain about, try minus 40!”

Which leads me to today’s post.  I wasn’t that familiar with the brand Lano until last November, when I received one of their sets for the holidays.  When I was in New York I actually met up with their PR, who explained the brand to me and gifted me a few of their all-star items.

So what it Lano? I’m glad you asked! Lano is a skincare brand that hails from Australia and uses lanolin as its star ingredient. Lanolin is actually what is used in hospitals on burn and wound patients since its safe for skin and helps to heal it.  Lanolin is 100 per cent natural wax that is found on sheep’s wool and is scientifically proven to be closest to lipids in human skin, more so than any other ingredient out there.  It’s a breathable skin barrier and allows the skin to self-hydrate from within. It also holds up to 400 per cent of its weight in moisture and is vegetarian, hypoallergenic, and animal cruelty-free.

In Canada you can find the brand at Sephora, or you can order through their site as well.  If you are curious in giving this brand a try, then here are a few of its star products you should try out.

Lano 101 Ointment Balm

101 Ointment Multi-Balm

Their star product is the 101 Ointment (C$19), which was actually voted as the world’s best lip balm by the The Times UK. This product is a 100 per cent natural alternative to common petroleum-based balms.

So what makes it so special? This ointment is infused with vitamin E and natural fruit extracts and works wonders on dry and chapped lips, skin patches, cuticles, and elbows (hello, dry skin due to cold weather!). The balm helps to penetrate the skin and seal in moisture to give your skin hydration.  It’s available in a variety of different flavours (I have it in strawberry), but there is also an original formula as well.

i’m a huge fan of Rosebud Salve (it’s my desert island product), so if you like that product, you’ll probably love this one as well. This stuff is very similar in terms of the benefits, however, I do find the texture to be different. This is a little thicker and stickier, however, it’s a natural product, so if you are looking for something that doesn’t have petroleum in it, then this would be a great option.

Lemonaid Scrubba Balm

Dry lips have you irritated? Take a look at their Scrubby-Balm Lemonaid (C$23).

This lip scrub and balm helps to buff out dry skin and parched lips, leaving them smooth and soft.  The cool part about this product in particular is its unique formula. It’s actually made with extra-fine sugar crystals and crushed orange peel, which you can just lick or pat away once you’re done using this.  This leaves your lips feeling soft and hydrated, and it’s a nice treat as well.

Lano products

Lip Water Refreshing Lip Hydration Fluid

If you’re looking for a little more hydration in the lips, then take a look at the Lip Water Refreshing Lip Hydration Fluid (C$23).

This liquid lip balm (which also doubles as a gloss) is made with liquid lanolin, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and peppermint.  Apply it with the brush for a non-sticky wear and a slight holographic glow.

I really like this balm since it’s like a serum for your lips and feels as such, as opposed to a lip balm. I love slathering this stuff on for super hydrated lips and love the finish it leaves you with as well.

Rose Hand Cream Intense

The one beauty product I have to keep at my desk is definitely a hand cream, so the Rose Hand Cream Intense (C$20) will definitely come in handy.

This hand cream, which is available in a ton of different flavours, helps to combat dry hands and nails, leaving them super soft and hydrated.  The formula actually leaves a silky veil on the hands for continued moisture with no feelings of stickiness.

Speaking of the formula, in this cream you’ll find lanolin, vitamin e, shea butter, rose oil, lemon oil, coconutter, and milk and honey; all star ingredients to leave your hands feeling silky smooth.

Lano Lip Balm and Lip Water

Tinted Lip Balm

Lastly, if you are looking for one product from the brand to act as a stepping stone, then take a look at their Tinted Lip Balm (C$19).

Available in eight shades (some without SPF), this lip balm gives your lips moisture, SPF 30, and a sheerly pretty colour.  I got the Rose shade in this and really love how it gives me a slight pink tone, totally the kind of shade I wear often. I will say though that I wouldn’t recommend wearing this on a windy day since it does have some stickiness to it. It is also a very thick formula, which is fine with me, but if you don’t like thick lip balms then keep this in mind.

Lano Hand Cream

Lano also has a variety of other products available in their line up and I highly recommend checking them out next time you’re in Sephora Canada. In the States, you can actually find them at Ulta, Bloomingdales, and other retailers as well. Not only are the products so handy and nourishing, but I do have to admit that I’m a sucker for the packaging as well since I find their logo so retro looking.

With it being so cold back here in Winnipeg, having moisturizing products is a must and I definitely recommend looking into picking up a few of these.

Have you tried Lano before?

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