Sweet like sugar: Avon Crave Lip Glosses

Although I’m not a huge lipgloss fan, every now and then I don’t mind slathering my lips in the stuff… especially if it smells amazing.

A couple weeks back I got the sweetest packaging from Avon Canada, which included a bunch of their Crave Lip Glosses housed in a mason jar with jellybeans. Since I’m a sucker for candy, I instantly indulged then pulled out a gloss to slather on. To my surprise these were the ultimate sweet treat to instantly brighten my mood.

Avon Crave lip glosses Avon Crave lipglosses

The Crave lip glosses are a scented and flavoured lip gloss that is infused with moisturizing vitamin E and designed to give your lips an ultra shiny sheer finish with an amazing scent. They are housed in a squeeze tube, making them super easy to carry around and apply.

There are 12 shades to choose from and although they run the gamut of colours, they all pretty much look the same with slight differences to them when applied. Like I said, I’m not really a big gloss girl but I really love the scent these deliver and the fact that they are moisturizing but not sticky.  If a gloss is overly sticky then forget it, I won’t wear it since I hate the feeling of hair stuck on me (which really says something since my dog sheds A LOT).

Swatch of Avon Crave Lip Gloss

Although these work for pretty much anyone, I would recommend these for teens and preteens since they give a flush colour and smell absolutely delish!  Best of all, they are currently on sale for C$4.99, regular $8, so you can pick up a few different flavours to suit any mood.

Are you a gloss girl?

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