Feeling royal: Juicy Couture releases limited-edition makeup collection

I’ve always wanted to have an early 2000s party. It would consist of The Simple Life on repeat, a playlist of Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, 50 Cent, Usher, and then other nostalgic items like a Motorola Razor, the original iPod, and a multicoloured Louis Vuitton Speedy. The outfit would obviously be Ugg boots and a Juicy Couture sweatsuit.

I never had the full-on sweatsuit but I did have a Juicy zip up which I was so excited to get and something I wore with pride (I always made sure to have that J zipper showing). Although Juicy Couture had its heyday in the 2000s, the brand has been making a comeback lately with collabs left, right, and centre (most recently with Canadian brand, Brunette the Label). Although the tracksuit trend died out in the 2000s, the brand’s perfume line actually has consistently stayed strong (and one of my favourite actually), and they recently came out with a new version of their popular Oui perfume (which I’ll get to in another post) and also released the cutest makeup line I’ve seen in a while.

Juicy Couture makeup collection

Juicy Couture initially launched their makeup line last year, which was inspired by their original Oui perfume, and since Oui Glow just came out, the brand released a new limited-edition run of colour cosmetics to go with it.

The collection consists of a few favourites from the last collection, as well as new ones. There’s three shades in their Glitter Cream Lipsticks, a Oui Slay liquid eyeliner, a Metallic Lip Lacquer, a Liquid Eye Velour Paint, a Bling Queen Highlighter and a Bows Before Beaus Cheek Flush.

The brand was very generous and sent me all three new shades of the Glitter Cream Lipsticks, two of the Metallic Lip Lacquers, a Liquid Eye Velour Paint, and the Oui Slay Eyeliner.

Juicy Couture makeup Glitter Cream Lipsticks Juicy Couture Makeup Glitter Cream lipsticks swatched

Every product in this collection is a showstopper as the packaging is truly unique, girly, and just something you want to throw in your purse (regardless of if you will be using it that day or not).  My favourite item in the collection is hands down the Glitter Cream Lipsticks ($18 USD), which feature a cream lipstick with glitter around the entire bullet.

Available in five shades (three of which are new: pink, fuchsia, and purple), these lipsticks give vibrant, creamy colour with a touch of sparkle. Seriously, the first time you open these you will audibly say “oh my gawdddd” since they are so pretty. Looks aside, I was actually very impressed with both the pigmentation and wear on these beauties.  All three colours are beautiful, glide on the lips perfectly, and stay put for hours (even after eating, drinking, sweating, etc.).

Juicy Couture makeup Metallic Lip Lacquers Juicy Couture makeup Metallic Lip Lacquers swatched

Their other lip product is the Metallic Lip Lacquer ($18 USD), which is available in three shades similar to the shades in the lipsticks.  I received two of them (My Shining Armour, fuchsia; and Yes Your Majesty, light pink) and these are actually quite a unique texture.  Just by looking at them I actually thought they were glosses, but they go on as a very pigmented foil texture and then dry down quickly leaving you with a metallic finish. My Shining Armour is a very hot fuchsia colour that really stands out on the lips, whereas Yes Your Majesty is a light pink sparkle which is very stunning, as well as incredibly holiday appropriate. Truthfully, this product is very different from anything else in my collection and the packaging of the product as well definitely makes it stand out.

Speaking of packaging, the brand’s Liquid Velour Eye Paint ($18 USD) are nearly identical in packaging (they all feature a doefoot applicator by the way) and is available in three shades as well.  I got Champagne Showers, which is a sparkly gold shade, however, there is also a lilac (My Fur is Faux) and a fuchsia (Where is my Tiara).

Juicy Couture Oui Slay eyeliner and Champagne Showers liquid eyeshadow Juicy Couture Oui Slay eyeliner swatched

This product is an iridescent liquid eye colour that you apply with the applicator on the lids and then use either your fingers or a brush to blend out.  I like layering this gold over top of powder shadow for a nice pop, or underneath as a base for the rest of my eye look.

Finally, to complete your eye look, grab the Oui Slay Eyeliner ($18 USD), which is a black felt-tip pen eyeliner that will give you the fiercest cat eye.  There really isn’t much to say about this since it’s your typical black eyeliner but it does feature the most perfect pointed tip which really allows for a precise line. The colour dried down quickly and also didn’t smudge at all. It also delivers very pigmented colour on the first swipe, which is great since some eyeliners make you really press down or go over the line a few times.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this collection. For a brand that doesn’t focus on cosmetics, I think they did a bang up job creating these items and would definitely recommend picking some up (especially those lipsticks, I cannot stress this enough). In terms of Canadian availability, I’m not sure where these are sold locally here (I’m actually surprised that Shoppers Drug Mart doesn’t carry it… or maybe they do, but it’s not online).  You can order these items off the Juicy Couture website though.

Are you a fan of Juicy Couture perfumes? 

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