Scary details: Lashes and nails to rock this Halloween

At 31 years old, I think i’m pretty much past my Halloween heydays.

Halloween is actually my favourite holiday and although I don’t go out trick or treating anymore (although I do take Ziggy out every year) or go to any Halloween parties, I don’t get the opportunity to actually dress up. Being as a Halloween lover, is totally a bummer.

In order to actually feel the spirit (no pun intended) this year I’ve decided to do little things that are subtle, but still totally rock the vibe of the holiday. Enter, lashes and nails.

Just because you aren’t dressing up in a full costume doesn’t mean that you can wear some subtle details that still embrace the Halloween season.  Kiss has released some Halloween-themed nails in both their Gel Couture line and the Impress manicure one as well.

Kiss Gel Couture Halloween nails Kiss Gel Couture Halloween nails Kiss Gel Couture Halloween nails

In case you aren’t familiar with the difference, Gel Couture are gel nails that you apply via the included glue or the mega-adhesive tabs. Each set comes with 28 nails and offer up to seven days of wear.  The designs they came out with for Halloween are stunning and aren’t too Halloween-specific, meaning that you can totally rock them year round. I love the pointed nails that come in dark matte colours and if you are looking for something to complement your costume, but not take away from it, then look at this collection.

The brand has also come out with a variety of Halloween styles in their ImPress collection, which is my personal favourite. These are available in a ton of fun Halloween styles that just scream freaky! There’s tons of different scary motifs to choose from and these are the ones I’ve been wearing for the past week and a half since they are so Halloween themed (best of all, some of them even glow in the dark!).

ImPress Halloween nails ImPress Halloween nails ImPress Halloween nails

The ImPress manicure is different than Gel Couture in that these already have adhesive on the back that you just peel off the plastic and stick it right over your real nails.  There are 30 nails in each pack, so you are guaranteed to find sizes that fit.  I prefer these as I find the adhesive on these actually stay put, whereas the other ones tend to pop off easily. Every time I wear these I always get a ton of compliments since they look so real.

Another great option to rock this time of the year are some fun lashes.  Yes, there are definitely some out-of-the-box ones out there, but this season Ardell didn’t go too crazy with coming up with their Halloween lash collection.

Ardell Fright Night Halloween lashes Ardell Fright Night Halloween lashes Ardell Fright Night Halloween lashes

The drugstore lash brand has come out with their Fright Night Halloween Collection which will enhance your Halloween look. There are six styles to choose from and two of them even include top and bottom lashes (seen worn below).

Like I mentioned, although there are a few that are definitely very Halloween (Spider Web, Fairy Witch, and Enchantress), overall this collection is very wearable. I’ll probably decide to rock Fairy Witch on Halloween when I take Ziggy out because it reminds me of Hello Kitty (it has little red bows on the lashes). Each lash comes with a little vial of adhesive, but my favourite lash glue is the Esqido one (and get 15% off your order with code SHAYNAW on Esqido’s site).

Ardell Fright Night Halloween lashes applied Impress Halloween press on nails applied

I’m assuming all these items are readily available at drugstores, but if not, you can order them online (and they’re all on sale). Just click express shipping to get here for this Thursday!

Are you dressing up for Halloween?

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