Beauty and the bronze: Maybelline City Bronzer & Contour Powder

I’m always down to try out a new bronzer.

You would think that bronzers are pretty straightforward, but after having tried so many of them over the years, there really is a difference between all of them. Formulation, pigmentation, finish, opacity… these are all factors that go into trying out bronzers and deciding which one is perfect for you. Do you like one a little lighter? Do you want matte or shimmer?  Are you using it for bronzer, contouring, or both?

Maybelline City Bronzer

Okay, you get the point, so this brings me to today’s post on Maybelline’s new bronzing and contour powders. The City Bronzer & Contour Powder is the brand’s first bronzing and contouring powder that delivers both a sun-kissed and sculpted look.  Available in three shades (light, medium, dark), this powder is multifaceted to deliver whatever look you’re in the mood for.

The brand sent me all three of the shades to play around with and depending on the look I’m going for, all three worked for me. If I want something a little lighter on the skin, I like 100; for both contour and bronzing 200 is great; and for contouring or when I’m sporting self tanner, 300 is the most ideal.

Maybelline City Bronzer Maybelline City Bronzer swatches

The formula in these bronzers contain micro-milled powder which has whipped cocoa butter for a velvety matte finish, meaning that the colour will look very natural on the skin. Truthfully, I didn’t find these bronzers to be any different from ones already in my collection, or ones that I have already tried from Maybelline. I think it’s a good bronzing powder, especially for drugstore, but it didn’t strike me as anything truly unique.

For C$10.99 you really can’t go wrong with this one. It does a great job and would be a welcome addition to anyone’s makeup bag.

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