Pretty in pink: Rimmel London Wonder’Luxe Volume mascara

I feel like if you were to ask me what is the one product Rimmel London is known for, it would be mascara.

Don’t get me wrong, the British beauty brand is known for a lot of their items, from foundations to lipsticks, but it seems like they are always coming out with a new member to their mascara family. Which brings us to today’s post.

Rimmel London Wonder'Luxe Volume mascara Rimmel London Wonder'Luxe Volume mascara wand

Launching this month, the Rimmel London Wonder’Luxe Volume mascara comes housed in the most beautiful chrome rose gold packaging that is designed to give your lashes volume and nourishment.

The formula is infused with four oils, argan oil, maracuja oil, marula oil, and camellia oil to hydrate and condition lashes. The brush on this mascara is a fan brush designed to comb through lashes and make them look long, clump free, and separated. It’s available in three shades, black, extreme black, and waterproof extreme black.

Rimmel London Wonder'Luxe Volume mascara swatched

I was really pumped to a) receive this mascara since it’s sooo pretty, and b) try it out, since for the most part I’ve always had good experiences with Rimmel’s mascaras. Although the wand is more like a comb, it doesn’t have very long bristles, so I found that it didn’t make my lashes look as voluminous as I would have liked.

In terms of Rimmel’s mascaras, I definitely think the ScandalEyes mascaras work better for me and my lashes. This one did an okay job and I expected it to work better than it does. ¬†It does an okay job, but not anything where you would ask me if I’m wearing falsies. With that being said, I’m still partial to using it since the packaging is so cute and I’m such a sucker for good branding. I think that layered with other mascaras it will perform better, but overall I would grab one of the brand’s other formulas over this one.

Have you tried any Rimmel mascaras? What are your favourites?

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