Big kiss: Kat Von D Beauty Studded Lipsticks

You guys know I love trying out new lipsticks.

I probably have like 300 lipsticks in my collection (maybe even more, honestly I don’t even want to know how many lipsticks I have tried out since I started blogging). I’ve always been a fan of Kat Von D Beauty’s lipsticks in all of their formulas, so when they sent over some of the Studded Kiss lipsticks, I was super pumped to try these out.

The Studded Kiss lipsticks (C$22 each) have been out for a while, however, the brand recently reformulated the line so it’s more creamy and pigmented on the lips.  Originally created in 2014, the new Studded Kiss lipsticks are available in 40 shades in three finishes — metallics, satins, and shimmers. Currently, the majority of shades are in the satin formula, with one metallic and four shimmers.

When it comes to shade variety, there is every shade and colour you can possibly think of. Want a green lipstick? They have that. Black, white, red, berry, nudes… it’s all in here. If you have a favourite colour in the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick range, she even threw those in here as well.

Kat Von D Beauty Studded Lipsticks

I received four shades from the line, Backstage Bambi (satin-matte vivid hot pink), L.U.V. (satin-matte rich violet), A-Go-Go (satin matte vivid orange), and Underage Red (satin-matte fire engine red). The first thing I noticed when I tried these lipsticks on was how pigmented the colour is. Kat Von D wasn’t playing when she came up with this formula. Although the colours I received are all matte, I didn’t mind that as I love the matte look (they tend to make your lips look bigger).

Each lipstick went on opaque at the first swipe and lasted forever on my lips, even through eating and drinking. Honestly, when it comes to regular old lipsticks, I do find that I always have to reapply the colour throughout the day. I was shocked to find that the colour stayed on every time I looked in the mirror. With that being said, these are not like the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (ELL) formula in that they don’t dry down and will move. You will find that the colour will transfer when you’re eating and drinking, and you can feel the product on your lips.

So why go with this over the ELL? Well, for one, these are super moisturizing. They feel like butter on your lips, which considering how matte they are, you would expect them to be a little drying. This isn’t the case.  Also, I found these incredibly easily to apply, there wasn’t any sliding around, as can often be the case with matte liquid lipsticks.

Kat Von D Beauty Studded Lipstick swatch in Backstage Bambi Kat Von D Beauty Studded Lipstick swatch in L.U.V. Kat Von D Beauty Studded Lipstick swatch in Underage Red

Overall, I highly recommend these. I don’t wear bright colours often, but as you can see in the photos, all the shades totally suited me and I’ll definitely be busting them out this summer. I would love to get my hands on some of the nudes as well since those shades are so easy to wear (I don’t have to worry about getting colour all over my face after eating).

If you want to see these in action, I actually have a video up on my IGTV swatching these bad boys. View it here.

Have you tried out the new reformulated KVD Studded Kiss lipsticks? What’s your go-to shade?

Please note, I received this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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