Rainbow hair: Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup

I swear ever since L’Oreal released Colorista, an at-home washout hair dye available in a range of pastel rainbow shades, it seems like more and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon.

I’ve tried Colorista a few times and was always happy and surprised by the results. I’m such a fan that I’ve even had a few people I know buy it and try it out due to my recommendation. Since I’m totally pro-coloured hair I was excited to hear that more brands are jumping on board and coming out with their own versions of at-home pastel colour.

New from Clairol is Color Crave, available as hair makeup and semi-permanent hair colour. The semi-permanent hair colour sounds very similar to their L’Oreal counterpart, in that it lets you dye your hair one of 11 different fun bright colours that last for 15+ washes. The difference with this version is that, unlike Colorista, which is for either blonde or brunette hair depending on the colour, the Clairol version is visible on any hair type, meaning that if you want to dye your brunette hair pink, now you can (whereas other brands limit this colour to just blondes). They also offer a bleach kit to give you a more vibrant look.

Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup in Shimmering Platinum

I haven’t tried out the semi-permanent colour, however, I did get my hands on the hair makeup. This stuff is temporary hair makeup that washes out after one shampoo. Available in six shades (Shimmering Rose Gold, Brilliant Amethyst, Brilliant Ruby, Shimmering Copper, Shimmering Bronze, and Shimmering Platinum), this product also works on both blondes and brunettes and all you simply do is paint it on, blow dry it, then you’re good to go. You apply it by squeezing the tube and the product is dispensed on a sponge applicator tip that you simply swipe on your hair.

I received Shimmering Platinum since I’m still very much digging the whole grey hair look. I recently went blonde so I thought I was the perfect candidate to try this out. I pulled it out last Friday and was so excited to give it a whirl, but instead I ended up with a mess of silver everywhere and a lack of colour in my hair.

Like I said, you apply this by squeezing the tube, which then dispenses the product on the sponge. The issue is that when you paint this on it tends to get other hairs caught up in it (if you want to do some highlights). I found that doing this myself it was a bit tricky as the silver ended up getting sprayed all over my counter, sink, mirror, hands, you name it. What I finally ended up doing was just placing a paper towel down, segregating the hair, and bending over while I painted it on a flat surface. I did use a comb to blow dry the pieces because otherwise I found they would get tangly or dried together, but by using the comb it actually brushed out the colour a little bit. I did see some slight silver in there, but honestly, I couldn’t even take an after photo because it was gone by the time I styled my hair the next morning (and I applied it at night right before going to bed).

Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup in Shimmering Platinum

Most of the promo photos I’ve seen for this product has shown the product being used on a braid or on styled hair. I think that it would work better that way since the hair is already fastened on the head (meaning that it won’t go flying and you can actually apply some pressure). I love this idea of this product, especially with Halloween coming up, but unfortunately the silver did absolutely nothing for me. I’m thinking a more pigmented colour, like the purple or rose gold, would be a better fit.

Have you tried out any of the Clariol Color Crave products? What were your thoughts?

Please note, I received this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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