A palette for every mood: MAC Girls eyeshadow palettes

Ever do your makeup based on your mood for the day? When I’m feeling powerful (AKA when I have a tan and everything looks good), I wear bronze eyes; when I’m feeling sexy, I do smoky eyes; and when I’m feeling more romantic and pretty, I do pink eyes.

In probably one of the coolest collections I’ve ever seen, MAC Cosmetics came out with a range of eyeshadow palettes based on different personalities. Whether you’re a basic bitch, fashion fanatic, prissy princess, or power hungry, there’s a palette for everyone. With six different palettes to choose from, you’re bound to find one that will suit your mood and personality.

Each palette contains eight eyeshadows and one highlighter. They are all themed and contain a set colour palette (so for example Mischief Minx has bronze shades, Fashion Fanatic is warm/pink shades, etc.). The eyeshadows in here contain a mix of mattes, shimmers, and glitters, and are in a new formula, which delivers amazing pigmentation and colour payoff.

MAC Cosmetics Girls palettes in Power Hungry, Basic Bitch, and Prissy Princess MAC Cosmetics Girls palette in Prissy Princess

I received three of the palettes and was so excited to dig into them, because A) they are super cute, and B) I was totally digging the colours. Prissy Princess features romantic cooler-toned pink and neutral shades and is the perfect day-to-night palette. At first glance I totally thought this would be a more daytime-appropriate palette, but aside from the two pink colours (Colour Me Spoiled, the matte blush pink, and Sweet Tart, the rose shimmer) the rest of the shades lean towards more nighttime wear. The glitter in here (Too Good To Be True) is really gorgeous and pigmented, I really loved how sparkly it is when you apply it on the lids (I find glitters in general to be very sheer, that wasn’t the case with this one). The darker shades are perfect for a smoky eye or to use in the crease (which is what I did with them). The highlighter is a beautiful pink champagne, that for a highlighter, won’t give you an incredible amount of shimmer, but it does the trick.

MAC Cosmetics Girls palette in Power Hungry

Power Hungry is my favorite palette from the bunch and features a range of gold and neutral shades. I find this one to be the most wearable and would definitely be a staple in anyone’s rotation through the summer months. The metallic gold casing includes browns, golds, and neutral shades in a variety of formulas, as well as a shimmery gold highlight. If you have olive-toned skin or like to tan often, I highly recommend this palette as it just so flattering.

MAC Cosmetics Basic Bitch Girls palette

The last palette I received is Basic Bitch and, not gonna lie, I wanted this one solely based on the name alone. The shades in here scream “let’s go out” as they are a little more edgier and darker. There’s a couple glitters (Sly Girl, a titanium, and Tattle-Tale, silver) as well as a burgundy (totally on trend for this fall, pair it with Ugg boots, a grande PSL, and the dog filter on Snapchat), there’s a couple more greys of all different shades and a creamy white. The highlight is a silver pink highlighter. Overall this is definitely a night time palette, however, you can definitely work with it to make it more daytime appropriate.

In addition to those three palettes, there’s also Rockin’ Rebel (blue/green shades), Mischief Minx (bronze shades, but learning more towards orange-toned as opposed to the yellow-toned bronzes in Power Hungry), and Fashion Fanatic (warm, pink shades). Like I said, my favourite hands-down is Power Hungry because I found it the most wearable for everyday, no matter the time. All the palettes though have incredible colour payoff for the shadows. I find MAC eyeshadows to be hit or miss in texture, but all the ones I tried in these were amazing. As for the highlighters, I feel like these could have glowed a little better, as there are definitely better highlights out there, but I do like the fact that they included one in each palette that matched the corresponding shadow shades.

Swatch of MAC Girls palette in Basic Bitch Swatch of MAC Girls palette in Power Hungry Swatch of MAC Girls palette in Prissy Princess

These are all sold out online, however, I have seen them at my local MAC counters, so if you’re interested in picking one (or all of them, depending on how you are feeling that day) up, I would check your closest MAC retailer. They retail for C$39.50 each, with a value of C$160, so it’s like a total steal!

Which Girls palette are you?

Please note, I was sent these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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