Trendy hair: L’Oreal Colorista Hair Colour

title One of the hottest trends for the past year in hair has definitely been pastel shades. From grey to cotton candy pink, lilac, seafoam green, you have probably seen so many bloggers and influencers rocking hair that would make Rainbow Bright jealous.

Now if you’re like me and have always admired these cool shades but are kinda scared to make the leap, L’Oreal has released the answer to this dilemma. Introducing Colorista, semi-permanent hair colour that washes out in four to 10 shampoos and includes only the coolest colours of the rainbow.


Backed by popular influensters, this line of unicorn shades includes 11 colours: peach, soft pink, pink, purple, blue, aqua, indigo, teal, burgundy, red, and tangerine. Since these colours are so pigmented, unfortunately the product is designed for bleached, light blonde, or highlighted hair. For you ladies and gents who have dark hair, sorry, this product is not recommended for that hair colour as you won’t get visible results.

L’Oreal asked me what shade I wanted to try out and I naturally went with pink since it’s my favourite shade. There are two pink colours in this line, soft pink and pink, and although I did ask for soft pink I’m happy they sent me the regular one since it gave me a range of pink shades once it started to fade.  But more on that later…

Application is super easy. The box includes a tube of the hair dye, a few plastic gloves and a brush in case you don’t want to fully dye your hair and instead opt for some highlights (or if you want to do an ombre using a few different shades). Since my hair is ombre, with the ends being way more blonde than the roots, I focused the colour on that part of my hair. There was no mixing or anything, just put the gloves on and apply the colour. I just squeezed the product into my hands and then started applying it to my locks using my hands.  In hindsight, I would section off the hair so the colour is applied evenly, but you live and learn.

Before and after

Colour stays on for 20 to 25 minutes depending on how blonde your hair is, then you rinse it out. What you’re left with is vibrant colour.

Once I dried and styled my hair I loved the shade of pink Colorista gave me. Best of all, it didn’t feel like I had something in my hair. I’ve previously reviewed the Garnier version, which is very similar and came out a few years ago, but that product left my hair feeling texturized, and then in turn made it very course and ratty. Although the colour was pretty, my hair felt dry and damaged.  Not Colorista though, my hair felt super smooth and healthy. It’s like this is permanent dye, not a product that gradually washes out of your hair.

After one wash, the colour did start to fade, however, the way it faded was really pretty. It went to a light pink colour, something more along the pastel trend that’s super popular right now.


Overall, I loved my experience using Colorista. Like I said though, you need to be blonde for it to work. The product impressed me from every angle; from the easy application to the colour to how it made my hair feel. If you ever wanted to try out a fun colour, I would definitely look into purchasing this, especially with festival season coming up, dyeing your locks a pastel shade is a no brainer.

Now the question is, which shade of Colorista do I want to try next? 😉

Which shade are you most excited to try?

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Please note, I received this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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