Memory of scent: A scent journey with Pine-Sol Cleaner

Everyone relates certain feelings to scents. There’s been so many times where I smell something and say “it smells like Vegas”. Whether it’s coconut (because it reminds me of The Mirage) or Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb (where I would often wear the fragrance, and where I bought it for the first time), there are certain smells that remind us of certain times in our lives or fond memories.

My current favourite scent is anything pumpkin spice or vanilla, since one whiff of it instantly reminds me of fall. With the weather getting cooler, all I want to do is stay in, feel comfy in chunky knit sweaters, light my favourite candles, and just chill (with a loaf of pumpkin bread of course). Because of that, last weekend my boyfriend and I decided to do come canning and make some chili red pepper jelly with the chilis we were growing all summer. My boyfriend was manning the stove top, looked away for a second, and the liquid boiled over, onto the stove top and then onto the floor. Needless to say, not only did my smoke detector go off, but since the jelly contains a lot of sugar, my hardwoods were incredibly sticky as well (it was so gross).

Since I knew my Swiffer wasn’t going to cut it, I instantly remembered that I had some Pine-Sol and used it with water to mop my floors and get rid of that gross stickiness and help with masking that peppery scent in the air.

I had a few containers of Pine-Sol but was happy I used the Lavender Clean one since not only did it make my floors so much cleaner, but it made the air smell fresh and relaxing. Since lavender is a very calming scent, it made the whole fiasco of the red pepper jelly mess so much better since although my whole kitchen (and the air in my condo) was a disaster, mentally I didn’t feel like it was.

Although I also love the original scent of Pine-Sol (it reminds me of summer and camping), I’m also digging the Mandarin Sunrise one since it’s so energizing. There’s also a Lemon Fresh one and Spring Blossom, but if you ask a lot of people, they would probably say the original is their favourite. Pine-Sol is such a memorable scent for a lot of people (especially if they grew up with their parents using it to clean their homes). I can totally relate since any time I smell a certain of perfume of mine, it always brings back a memory or makes me feel like I’m there once again.

Pine-Sol flat lay

Although I’m not a huge fan of cleaning in general, after using Pine-Sol the other weekend I’m kinda tempted to do clean my whole living area just to get a whiff of that scent in the air. I think that whenever I smell it now I’m going to remember that disaster of a situation, which looking back at it now it’s just a funny memory.

What smells invoke a special moment for you?

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