I’m all ears! Disney Minnie Beauty by Sephora Collection first look!


Everything’s coming up Minnie this season!

Sephora seems to have a thing for Disney, as just when you were guessing which Disney princess they were going to releasing a collection around next, they threw a 180 and came out with a Minnie Mouse collection.

Mickey’s sweetheart takes the stage this season with an eight-piece collection that is equal parts cute and amazing. I received six of the eight products and basically gagged with excitement.  It’s polka dot! It’s red! And there’s bows! I mean, what’s not to love?


Since this collection is so epic I decided it needed two blog posts, since just one isn’t going to justify the magnitude of this line. Today’s post is going to focus on the products themselves, and on Monday I’ll post a look inspired by Ms. Mouse herself (or is she a mrs.’? Is she actually married to Mickey, or are they just dating?).

This limited edition collection officially launches next month in all Sephora stores, as well as on Sephora online. It’s full of everything from colour cosmetics to accessories, all infused with Minnie’s spirited confidence and signature style.  Think polka dots, red, black, and gold. Oh, and obviously mouse ears (duh!).

Eyeshadow palette

The biggest standout from the collection is obviously the eyeshadow palette, which includes 20 creamy, richly pigmented shades in matte, shimmer, and glitter finishes. This guy (C$56) also doubles as a clutch since the shadow part and the mirror on top pops out. I’ve done some playing around with the shades, and although I haven’t tried every colour, the ones I have tried are very pigmented and blend easily.  I wish there were more crease colours (although there’s two gorgeous browns that work amazing in the crease).  There’s also more fun colours like the mint green (Yoo-Hoo!), which looks so cute placed in the inner eye corner.

Other notable items include the Black & White Felt Liner Duo (C$25), Minnie’s Perfect Red Lipstick, and the Beauty Tools. The liquid liners, which are inspired by Minnie’s signature wink, can be worn together or on their own. When I first opened them they reminded me of the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, which is a Sephora all-star and amazing liquid liner. Since both brands are Sephora exclusives, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were essentially the same items just different packaging.  At $25, if there is one item you have to get from this collection, the liner set is definitely it!  Both apply amazing and very pigmented (even the white), and I love the look of the two layered together.

Liners and blush Lipstick

Minnie’s Perfect Red Lipstick (C$19) is the ultimate Minnie signature red shade. I have a billion red lipsticks as it is, so this wasn’t that impressive for me (also considering that I hardly wear red), but since it’s Minnie’s signature colour, this is definitely a collector’s item for any Minnie Mouse fan. Plus, the lipstick has her signature ears and bow embossed on the top of the bullet and the tube is wrapped in collectible packaging. I expect this one to sell out fast.

A staple in any Sephora collection are the brushes and the mirrors. Minnie’s Beauty Tools (C$73) is a six-piece brush set that includes five luxuriously soft brushes and a custom brush stand shaped like Minnie’s bow.  The set comes with an angled liner/brow brush, a slanted blush brush, a small shader brush, a powder brush, and a blending shadow brush. Usually I get frustrated with brush sets since they always throw in a brush I’ll never use, but the variety of brushes in here are actually quite nice and totally useable.

Mirror and brushes Closed mirror

Now if there’s one item that seems to be a huge collector’s item it’s the mirrors for some reason. This collection has two of them, a compact mirror (C$25) and hand mirror (C$53). I was sent the compact mirror, which is a gold compact that is in the shape of a bow and mouse ears. It folds in the middle so it becomes a small circular compact mirror, which has one side normal with Minnie’s signature on it, and the other as magnifying. It also comes with a stylish gold pouch to house it in.  I haven’t seen the hand mirror yet, but it’s apparently an oversized one that has a custom design that features a gilded handle with Minnie’s iconic ears and bow on the top with a black and gold polka-dot design on the back. For some reason, the mirrors always sell out fast in store and on online, and I’ve heard of people even selling them for ridiculous prices on eBay. They tend to be the most popular collectors item, so if you want a mirror from this collection, get on it fast.

The last item I received from the collection was the Minnie’s Inner Glow Luminizer Blush (C$28), which creates a lit-from-within flush with a peachy hue that flatters every skin tone. The formula is embossed with Minnie’s ears and bow, and contains gold flecks for instant radiance.

Liners and blush

The last item from the collection is a cream lip stain set (C$33), which features five high-coverage lip colours that glide on smoothly to leave a silkly lightweight stain. Packaged in a collectible tin, shades include African Violet, Mandarin Muse, Always Red, Whipped Blush, and Peach Tart.

I also want to add that Sephora has thrown in little Minnie Mouse mini charms on most of the products (if not all). You can totally just grab these and add them to your keychain so you can carry around Minnie everywhere you go!

Although I’m not a huge fan of Minnie Mouse (she’s cute, but I’m more of a Disney princess kinda gal), I absolutely adore this collection.  Sephora has definitely stepped it up when it comes to the quality of their products, and although I have been disappointed with some of the products in previous Disney collections, everything I’ve tried from this one has been amazing.

Check back here Monday for a look using these products inspired by Minnie!

Will you be picking up any items from the Sephora Minnie Mouse collection?

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