The Holiday Collection: Disney Cinderella Collection by Sephora Moonlight Kiss Lipstick Set

Living in Canada, we are blessed with a winter wonderland around the holiday time.  Last weekend it snowed hard in my city and the whimsical white stuff always reminds me Christmas time.

Sephora recently released a whimsical collection of their own with the Disney Cinderella collection which consists of lipsticks, eyeshadows, nail polishes, a perfume, and a special-edition mirror. Out of all the Disney princesses, I wouldn’t say Cinderella is my fave (I have always been obsessed with Beauty and the Beast) but there is something about that whole rags to riches story and finding her “prince charming” that is magical.  Plus, there’s the whole glass slipper thing, I do love shoes, except my ideal “slipper” would be a pair of Louboutins…

Anyways, I was lucky to receive the lipstick set which consists of four princess-inspired colours.

I love the UPC code on this- it's the little details that count

Lady Tremaine


Who Is She?

My Moment

The four colours include Lady Tremaine, a berry colour; Pumpkin, a light pastel peach; Who Is She?, a warm rosy mauve; and My Moment, a pink champagne glitter.

This is my first foray into Sephora’s lipsticks.  The colour payoff is very good with only one application (except for My Moment, which is the most sheer out of any of the colours).  As for consistency, they are reminiscent of MAC’s matte lipsticks; they are long lasting, but drying.

Lady Tremaine applied. Note this is after about seven hours of wear.

Lady Tremaine is the darkest colour in the set and named after the wicked stepmother from Cinderella.  Just looking at this colour in the tube, it screams wicked witch; it’s very vampy and perfect for fall.  It’s very dark in the tube but luckily it’s buildable colour.  Once applied, it’s more of a wine shade, but you can build it up to full opacity.  It’s also very staining.

Pumpkin applied

Pumpkin is my favourite colour from the set. It’s a peachy-nude, but nowhere as nude as MAC’s Myth.  It’s super pretty and the one lipstick from the collection I carry on me often.  Like Lady Tremaine, it’s also very drying and matte (in this photo I layered it over a lip balm so that’s why it seems shiny).  As for wear, the colour lasts a few hours on my lips.

Who Is She? applied

Who Is She? was probably the one lipstick I was least looking forward to trying.  Not because I don’t like the colour, but I find it is the most common from the bunch.  I haven’t really worn this one an awful lot but it is a pretty pink colour; very flattering.

My Moment applied

My Moment was the colour I was looking forward to the most from this collection.  This colour is a beautiful nude pink with glitter, that when applied, appears shimmery.  I do love the colour but I find that you really have to pack this on for it to properly show up (and as a result from applying pressure I found the bullet has started to bend).  Out of all the colours, I have found this one the most moisturizing from the bunch.

I really do love this collection and it would make a great gift for any Cinderella or Disney lover (or anyone you consider a princess), but keep in mind that these aren’t the best formulas of lipstick I have come across.  A lot of reviews complained of their waxy texture and the fact that they are made for fair-skinned people.  They are a bit waxy (in texture and smell) but that doesn’t bother me, and since I am fair-skinned, I can’t really comment on whether these would be suitable for olive or darker skin tones (keep in mind that Cinderella was pretty pale, maybe Sephora was looking for colours that would suit her as the collection is inspired by the movie).  They aren’t the best formula of lipstick I have tried, but the colour payoff is pretty good and they do their job (Lady Tremaine is super long lasting).  Also, keep in mind that you get four lipsticks for C$30 ($25 USD), so that works out to C$7.50 a lipstick, not bad considering it’s Sephora.

I think this is an awesome set regardless of the quality of the product. Some of the colours may not be suitable for pre-teens (Lady Tremaine), but for those young at heart or like to pretend they are a Disney princess (me), this set is perfect for them.

I did check my local Sephora and I know it’s sold out there so if you are interested in the set check your local store or order online (plus get 4.0% cash back through Ebates).  If you wanted to get someone young something from the collection (who maybe isn’t into makeup just yet, but loves Disney), make sure to check out the Disney Cinderella Collection Compact Mirror, which seems to be a huge hit (currently sold out online, they had a few at my local store though).

Is the Disney Cinderella Collection by Sephora Moonlight Kiss lipstick set on your wish list?

Please note I was sent this product from PR. All opinions are my honest own.

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