Eyes wide open: Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious mascara


So last week, a headline on Twitter caught my attention. “This $7 Drugstore Mascara is Already Outselling You Old Favourite” SELF magazine posted, which obviously made me click right away.  The mascara? Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect Mascara.

Lash Sensational came out last year I believe, and was named Best Makeup Product of the Year in WWD’s Beauty Inc Awards.  According to SELF, the publication polled mass retailers to find out which products flew off the shelves this year, and this particular mascara was the frontrunner. According to Maybelline, the tube has already gained nearly $40 million in sales.

So why is this guy so popular? It’s the wand. The Lash Sensational wand has two types of bristles; a short comb to define shorter hairs and longer bristles to lengthen your lashes.


I have this mascara and have to agree that it’s pretty good. The brush definitely does do a good job getting every lash and coating them in deep black.  I actually pull this guy out the most for its longevity of the product on my lashes.  It doesn’t budge.  It’s not a waterproof formula, but the mascara doesn’t run, even during wet or sweaty conditions (seriously, I wear it to hot yoga).

Anyways, this brings me to this post. Maybelline released a new formula in the Lash Sensational family with their Luscious mascara.  I received this guy before Christmas with all the rest of the new spring 2016 releases and although I did find it impressive, I didn’t really put much thought into it until I read that article.

mascara wands

Lash Sensational Luscious has a fanning reservoir brush, which creates a “dense, supple fan effect”. The formula includes precious oils to make your lashes feel soft, not brittle. Unlike the original formula, this one is a black tube with pink text on it (the exact opposite of Lash Sensational).

So how does it hold up?  Well, for one, it doesn’t have that amazing brush that people rave about.  It’s still on the thinner side though, with shorter bristles, letting you really get in there and coat your lashes.  With that being said, I actually like this mascara better.  The original formula was just alright at first, you kind of have to let it dry out a bit before it works great, whereas this one is great off the hop.

This mascara left my lashes looking super long and dark.  They don’t however, leave them soft.  My eyelashes still feel quite brittle, but I think it’s all part of the formula; if they were soft, I don’t think I would get that wow factor.

swatches final

Lashes look so long and dark that I don’t really recommend using this on your bottom lashes as it’s quite harsh.  I like softer lower lashes, but that’s just my opinion.  There was also slight flaking, but it’s not a huge deal, I’ve used tons of mascaras that ended up running, so a little flaking is no big deal.

Overall, I highly recommend this mascara.  If you are fan of the original Lash Sensational, you’ll love this one (perhaps even more!).

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