Plump it up! CoverGirl Plumpify BlastPRO mascara

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Plump, plump, plump it up!

I’m no stranger to CoverGirl mascaras.  In fact, some of them (i.e. The Supersizer and LashBlast Clump Crusher) are some of my favourite drugstore mascaras ever.

A couple weeks back I got a big box in the mail. Oddly enough, it was super light. When I opened it, a big red balloon floated out promoting CoverGirl’s new mascara Plumpify BlashPRO mascara. On the other end was the mascara.

Plumpify is billed to plump up your lashes with 50x the volume boost for full lashes. This volumizing mascara has a specialized, double-action brush that vertically lifts lashes from their roots, guaranteeing plumping, but not clumping.


Unable to contain my excitement, I tried this guy out at once.  Like other CoverGirl mascaras, it doesn’t disappoint. My lashes looked longer and more plump.  This mascara does have a thicker brush than what I’m used to in regards to CoverGirl mascaras (aside from LashBlast Full Bloom mascara), but it seems to do the job.


Definitely another winner from CoverGirl.  But is it showstopping, the best-mascara-out-there good though?  No, but it does the trick.

If I had to choose one mascara from the brand, I would definitely go with The Supersizer since I love how the brush really lets you get in there and coat every lash.  This guy does the trick, but it doesn’t make the Top 5 mascaras of all time list.

Plumpify is new for spring 2016, but check your local drugstore to pick it up now.

Have you tried CoverGirl’s new Plumpify mascara?

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