The magic wand: The DAFNI hair straightening ceramic brush

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It seems as if beauty gadgets are starting to get way more advanced nowadays.

A few years back, the most technological beauty tool I had was the Clarisonic. Then I got an at-home hair removal machine, and now, brushes have more technology in them than just simply brushing your hair.

You may have seen the anti-frizz brushes making an appearance earlier this year (I have the Conair one), but there is another brush that just may be the king of them all… er queen..  She goes by the name of DAFNI.

DAFNI is a hair straightening ceramic brush.  Yes, you heard that correctly, a brush.  That straightens your hair. All you have to do is plug it in, turn it on, and then brush your hair. The unique 3D ceramic surface design allows you to straighten your hair in minutes by simply brushing.

The brush heats to a safe 185 degree C/365 degree F in a few seconds and evenly distributes heat without damaging it in the process. All you have to do is brush and you’ll see the hair straightening in one stroke.

using the tool

When I was first contacting to review this brush, I was super sceptical it would work. At first I thought it was one of those static-taming brushes, similar to the Conair InfinitiPro, which I also have. Then I read a little closer and noticed that it actually straightened the hair. I had my doubts, then I tried it out.

I enlisted the hair of my colleague who has fairly curly hair (my hair is naturally pretty straight). Miraculously it worked like a charm, her curled hair was straight by the time I was done with it.  For it to work best, you really have to get the hair in the bristles, then gently and slowly work your way down.   To sum it up, this is like a steamer for your hair.

I think we were all shocked at how well this worked.  First because unlike a straightener, which has two ceramic plates to flatten the hair, it’s just a brush.  Second, when I actually touched the brush, it wasn’t that hot (granted I only touched the bristles, I don’t think you’re supposed to get your finger in there and touch the actual brush base). That could be due to the patent-pending 3D ceramic surface design. It remains constant on the top recommended temperature of 185 degrees, which is safer for your hair than the temperatures that traditional straighteners reach.

before and after half and half

Although this is a miracle worker, there are some downsides.  It does leave your hair straight, however, you don’t get that shine and sleekness that hair straighteners give you.  This is great for a quick fix if you just want to brush and go. If you want shiny, sleek hair, stick with a straightener.  Second, the price.  At C$295, it’s quite the investment (considering that you can get top-quality hair straighteners for that price, even less).  If you would like the convenience and a two-in-one product (brush and hair straightener), then this is perfect. Also, if you have hair similar to mine, not pin-straight, but certainly not curly, then this is great since it would take you less than a minute to straighten.

When we tested the DAFNI on my colleague’s hair, she did have – for lack of a better word – ratty hair (aka second or third day curls, not brushed). So it did take a little while to brush through all her hair, however, according to DAFNI’s website, it should only take two to three minutes to straighten, which, after using the product, I can definitely see.

The DAFNI is sold in Canada at Showcase.

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