That ombre effect.. Maybelline ColorBlur Cream Matte Pencil & Smudger


So it seems like you can ombre basically anything nowadays.  Hair, nails, and now, thanks to Maybelline, your lips.

New for 2015, Maybelline’s ColorBlur lip pencils are matte lip colours with a smudger on the other end to create a blurred effect. Available in 10 shades, you can rock these either bold opaque or smudged out. To create that smudged out blurred effect, first apply the colour and then using the smudger on the other end, gently blur the colour towards the edges of your lips.

Colour Blurs Smudger

I received five colours from the line to test out and although I love the shade range, I don’t particularly think I would ever wear this blurred.  Apparently it’s a popular beauty trend in Asia, and you know us Westerners, we love bringing those trends over here stateside (cough BB cream).  To me, it kinda gives you that “I just sucked on a popsicle” or “I had full lipstick on and then I ate and drank and most of it wore off” kinda look.  It’s a cool concept, and you certainly don’t need to use the other end to smudge it out, but it’s cool that the option is there if that’s your jam.

Berry Misbehaved Fast and Fuchsia I'm Blushing Orange Ya Glad Plum Please

I tried the whole blur thing with Plum Please, but I just can’t grasp the concept. But hey, that’s the magic of makeup, you can do whatever you want and if you don’t like it then you can wash it off and start over.

Blurring effect aside, these are actually great lipsticks.  They go on matte and are extremely pigmented. Matte lip colour seems to be all the rage lately, so this line is a double whammy, it’s right on trend with the blurred thing and with matte colour. They are also easy to apply as they just glide on the lips and are incredibly long lasting.  The only thing I didn’t like was that you have to twist them up from the bottom, and when you take the top off the lipstick side it looks like you would twist it there.  Not a huge deal, but it frustrates me every time I go to use one of these.

These retail for a SRP of $11.99 although I’m sure you can find them for much cheaper. Regardless, it’s a great product and I would definitely pick up a colour or two.

Have you tried Maybelline’s ColorBlur lip pencils?

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