Start spreading the news… Reese’s Spreads

Reese's spreads title Is your Instagram feed also cluttered with delectable sugary sweets?

I feel like there’s two huge trends going on right now on social media that totally contradict themselves.  Fitness is super hot right now, but then so are macarons, donuts, cupcakes, aka all those yummy sweet snacks that kinda throw all your fitness goals out the window.

In case you haven’t been to a supermarket lately (or don’t live in Toronto – when I was there for Labour Day Long Weekend I say billboards and ads EVERYWHERE), Reese’s came out with a spread that is ah-mazing. It’s like a peanut butter cup in a spread. Yes, that’s right, a spread which can put on anything.

Reese's Spreads Open Snackster boxs Snacksters

Reese’s Spreads is the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter (be still my beating heart), and they are based on those iconic one-is-never-enough peanut butter cups. And if that isn’t enough, they also have handy travel-sized throw-in-your-bag Snacksters, which has the spread and little sticks to dip it in (I just can’t).

Since I can easily go through the 650g jar of this in one sitting, I tried to be resistant and instead see how I could bake something up using this sweet goodie. After spending hours on Pinterest and Google I finally came across this Chocolate Hazelnut Layer Cake from Cookies and Cups, a two-layer chocolate cake with cream cheese chocolate hazelnut spread sandwiched between the two layers (and another layer of just the chocolate hazelnut spread), with that icing on top as well.  It looked like the perfect dessert to make for Rosh Hashanah dinner last Sunday.


Obviously I had to tailor the recipe and swap out that other chocolate/nut spread for the Reese’s one, but it came out fantastic.  For the frosting, I totally forgot to add in the icing sugar and vanilla, but it turned out great anyways with the cream cheese (light obviously – have to save those calories somehow!), whip cream, and Reese’s spread.  I topped it off with caramel tiramisu balls from Dean & Deluca (which OPI graciously sent over recently in a press send).  I tried to do the drizzle of the spread, but unfortunately Reese’s spread doesn’t turn liquidy when microwaved.  That’s okay though, because it was chocolatey enough.

You can find the recipe on Cookies and Cups’ blog.

If you are looking for more bite-sized smaller recipes, Hershey’s Kitchens’ website has tons of great options.  You can dip it on fruit, you can drizzle it on pretzels, put it on bacon, or just dip that spoon directly into the jar and eat it al fresco.

Okay, now I’m hungry…

How do you spoon?

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