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So the weather is getting warm but your skin is still stuck in winter? Honey, I got you covered.

We’ve been fortunate to have really nice weather lately (well, aside from this past week), so naturally the hem lines have been getting shorter.  Since I’m fair, if I don’t have a little self tanner on I look incredibly white.  So sometimes you need a little quick fix (no one has time to wait the four to six hours for tanner to develop, especially if you are going out). Enter The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Collection.


The honey-enriched collection creates a bronze look that suits every skin tone, all year round.  The line is perfect for creating a gorgeous, bronzed glow, or to enhance an existing tan. Although there are multiple pieces in the line, I received the three new products: the Honey Bronze Tinted Face Gel, the Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist, and the Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes.

The Honey Bronze Tinted Face Gel ($16) is perfect for a subtle tan glow. This translucent lightweight formula leaves skin with a sun-kissed bronze matte tan that looks utterly natural, never orange or streaky. The refreshing gel texture quenches skin all day whilst its gorgeous fragrance takes you to the beach in seconds. This stuff is great for the face if you self tan on a regular basis.  I notice that the first part of my body to lose the artificial colour is usually my face, so adding this on top will bring the colour back to match the rest of your body.  You can also use this on your chest and neck (and anywhere else, really) if you are wearing something low cut with sleeves. Just match it with the tinted leg mist and it’ll give the appearance of a bronze body in seconds.

The Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist ($20) is a transparent gel mist which helps to create tanned-looking legs in seconds.  Unlike tanner, this gives an instant, sun-kissed bronzed glow while leaving your legs feeling refreshed and moisturized.  It’s non-oily (so it won’t transfer) and doesn’t include shimmer, so it looks more natural.  I do like this product, however, if you are looking for a deep tan, look elsewhere.  This gives my pale legs subtle colour, so nothing too noticeable.  Also, the “mist” is deceiving.  This just shoots the colour out and you have to manually blend it on your legs.  Not the cleanest product out there.  If you are looking for something that gives you a nice tan and makes your legs look nice, try the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.


Top to bottom: 01,02,03

Top to bottom: 01,02,03

The Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes ($16 each) are available in three different shades. Highlight cheeks with a natural-looking flush of warm shimmer, whatever your skin tone.  The creamy texture glides onto skin for a soft finish with a delicious honey fragrance. These are easy to apply and blend and leave you with a nice shinier highlight.  The three colours are suited to different skin tones: a shimmering champagne (01) for light skin tones; a shimmering peach pink (02), which is universal for every skin tone; and a warm, shimmering golden bronze (03) for darker skins. I love the packaging of these because of they’re so easy of use, just take off the top and pat onto your cheekbones.  Or, if hygiene is an issue for you, grab a brush and dust it on your face that way.  You can also use the darker ones for blush if you apply them with a light hand.

Overall, the collection is okay. I really had high hopes for the leg tint, however, I just don’t think it delivered as much as it promised.  I don’t think I would necessarily use the face gel that often (especially since you can just use a darker foundation or bronzer), however, if you are hitting the beach or pool this would come in handy (make sure to put on some SPF first though!). The highlighters are really pretty and I do like their ease of use.

Are you buzzing over the new Honey Bronze collection from The Body Shop?

Please note, this product was sent by PR.  All opinions are my own.

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