Finger painting: The 411 on OPI Color Paints

Color paints title

So when I first heard of OPI’s new Color Paints I was so confused.  Is it nail polish? Is it nail art?  Both?

Then I received them and was even more confused.  It looks like nail polish, but the bottle caps are different and the colour is very sheer. So then I Googled it and nothing really came up on how to use these guys.  I saw swatches of just the colours, I saw swatches of them over the silver. All I wanted was to just figure out how these work and what makes them so special.

Okay, so here’s the deal, this collection launched this month and are a line of polishes that are meant to be layered to create your own unique look. Each colour is very sheer and transparent with a jelly base, aside from the silver shade, which is the “canvas” shade, meaning that you paint on the silver first, then use the other colours to create whatever look you wish.  The whole idea of the line is to mix and match and layer, so you can create custom looks.

Colour Paint swatch

I dove in head first and created this asymmetric look, which to be honest, ended up looking like I was wearing nail decals.  I cannot tell you how many people complemented me on my nails, more so than any other nail polish I’ve worn. They also asked if they were indeed, nail stickers.  Nope, just this new line from OPI that lets you create your own work of art on your nails.  Kinda cool, no?

With nail art being so popular, this is something new to the game.  I believe OPI is the first line to introduce something like this.  With that being said, I was at Sephora on Saturday and I saw that their Formula X line has a set similar, called Infinite Ombre, which comes with the silver and four colours.  The OPI version has the silver, as well as eight shades.  The only bad part is that they are sold separately.  I think the concept is really unique and awesome, but I’m disappointed that you have to buy each shade separately. I mean you could wear these on their own, but I wouldn’t both wasting your money since the colour is so sheer.  They are meant to be used over the silver canvas, meaning you have to pick and choose your colours wisely.  I believe that OPI has released some sets that have multiple colours, as they usually do with their collections.


Overall, I think this is a really cool idea from OPI.  At first I was super hesitant about them, but I can definitely see myself reaching for them again to create different looks.  Grab a friend and have a painting party, it’s on OPI!

Will you be trying OPI’s new Color Paints?

Please note, I was sent these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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