A Sleek situation

Title If there’s one international drugstore brand that gets a lot of hype, it’s Sleek makeup. I’ve been wanting to try products from the UK brand for a while as they often get mentioned on many YouTube beauty videos, but since the products aren’t offered in Canada (you can buy them online), I’ve been holding out.

When I was planning on what I wanted to purchase in Europe, I knew that a few Sleek items were musts for me.  The brand has a whole gamut of products, but I knew I wanted to pick up their Brow Kit (I figured it’s much cheaper than the Anastasia Brow Pomades), the Face Contour Kit, and one of their famed i-Divine eyeshadow palettes (because I don’t have enough palettes already).

Products Open case products Storm palette
The products are housed in a black container, that is oh so sleek (sorry, couldn’t resist).  Because they are quite thin, everything is great for travelling.  I have been very impressed with the quality in these products as they apply and blend great.  I chose to go with the Storm palette, which houses neutrals (both shimmers and mattes), as well as darker colours, so it’s very versatile as you can create hundreds of looks.  The eyeshadows are super pigmented, long lasting, and mineral based.

I bought the Brow Kit in the dark shade (there are four colours available) and it contains a tinted gel, as well as a powder.  It also has two applicators (I threw them out as I use an angled eyeliner brush), as well as a pair of mini tweezers.  I have mostly just used the tinted gel and so far so good, it’s been a staple in my makeup routine since I got the product.

The Face Contour Kit is another star product in my everyday look.  I bought this in the light shade (there’s a dark and a medium one too) and the bronzer is matte, so it gives you a nice natural contour.  The highlight works great too and isn’t too shimmery (some tend to make me look like a disco ball – a big no no).

Anyways, I thought I would create a look using all these products so you can see how well and amazing they apply.  When I use the Storm palette, I mostly stick to the golds or the pinks, but since I have so many looks with those shades already, I chose to make this a little more smoky.


1. Fill in your brows using the gel side of the Brow Kit.  Go along the underside and the tail with the powder side.

2. Lay down an eyeshadow primer (I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance) and then apply the champagne shimmery colour to your brow bone.  Note, this palette did come with a plastic protector with the names on it, but I was travelling, so I threw it out, sorry!

3. With a lighter matte brown colour (beside the shimmery champagne), apply this right under the brow highlight but above your crease, acting as your transition colour.

4. Apply the shimmery blue (below the shimmery champagne) to your crease with a crease brush (like a MAC 217). You don’t need a lot on your brush for this, so go light and make sure to blend!

5. Going back to that shimmery champagne, with an eyeshadow brush, apply this to your lids.  It’s funny because this actually looks more like a silver over top of the blue in the crease.  Take the colour also into your inner corner to open up the eye area.

6. Line your upper lash line, winging it out with a liquid liner (I used Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc’er in Blacquer), then curl your lashes and apply some coats of mascara.

7. With that same shimmery blue you used in the crease, apply this along your lower lash line. After, coat your lower lashes with mascara.

8. Apply your foundation and concealer (I used NARS Sheer Glow foundation and Maybelline Fit Me Concealer), then with the matte bronzer from the Face Contour Kit, apply this along the hollows of your cheeks.  After, choose a nude blush, I used NARS Madly.

9. Finally, with the shimmery side of the Face Contour Kit, apply this on your cheekbones for a hint of shine.

Final final2 And that’s the final look! Each of these products were quite affordable; I think I paid like 7.99 pounds for each (I think the contour kit was maybe 6.99). I do have to say though, that if you are in London, they can be a challenge to find. I knew that you could pick them up at Boots, but I only found one Boots store that carried them and that was the one on Oxford Street. With that being said, if you see a Superdrug, they have them there (I had to buy the Face Contour Kit at Superdrug as they were sold out of the lighter one at Boots).  When I was in Rome, I popped by Sephora and they actually had the Sleek Garden of Eden palette in store, so check the European Sephoras as well (they only had that one palette, so random).

Sleek also ships around the world, so if you are interested in the line, check out their site, sleekmakeup.com.

Have you tried Sleek products?  What were your thoughts?

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