Sugar & shine! Sally Hansen Sugar (& shimmer) coats

Sugar coat title

One of the most surprising nail products for me in 2013 were the Sally Hansen Sugar Coats.  These texturized nail polishes create a sugar-like feel on your nails, making them not only unique to look at, but gritty to touch as well.

When I first spotted these months ago I thought I would hate them.  Why would you want an emery board-like texture on your nails?  And then I tried the black one, Lick-O-Rich, which was so gorgeous on the nails that I instantly fell in love and quickly took back anything I said about them.

Now the thing about the original set of colours that I felt like they lacked was some sparkle.  Since sugar is sort of glittery, I thought a hint of glitter would be so gorgeous in these.  Well, obviously Sally Hansen and I are on similar brainwaves because not only did they release more glittery shades, but they also came out with a Sugar Shimmer line.

The Sugar Shimmer line is comprised of eight different shades and each colour is infused with mica for a sugary, shimmery look.

Berried under

I received the colour Berried Under, which, if you read my last post, you would spot this colour as something similar to radiant orchid, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014.  I really liked the colour and got a few compliments on it, although I did find it to be a big muted.  Also, I didn’t find this to be that shimmery, which was super disappointing. To me, it seemed like the regular Sugar Coats.

Royal Icing

From the regular line of Sugar Coats comes Royal Icing, which is a light blue with pink, purple, and silver micro glitter. I actually found this one to be way more glittery than Berried Under, even though this one is part of the regular Sugar Coat line.  The above swatch is with four coats and as you can see, the colour is very sheer.  This one would be best layered over another colour to really make for a glamourous mani.  Perfect for the wintertime, this shade is great for adding a little sparkle to your winter day.

Two colours

Overall, I love the new shades that Sally Hansen has come out with in the Sugar Coats line, as well as the Shimmer line, however, I just wish they were a bit shimmery (maybe it was this one colour?).

As for removal, these aren’t actually as bad as you would think.  Because of the gritty texture, they aren’t as easy as regular nail polish, but not as difficult as a glitter polish.

Do you like the Sally Hansen Sugar Coats?  What’s your favourite shade?

Please note, I was sent these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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