The texture trend: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat


Piggybacking off runway shows, Sally Hansen has developed a new trend in nail polishes.

Called Fuzzy Coat, these polishes create the illusion of blurred, woven, and marbled fibers, resembling hand-spun yarn over your existing nail polish.  Available in eight different shades, Fuzzy Coat spices up any mani!

Fuzzy coat

When I first saw Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy Coat in stores it didn’t really impress me.  From the name alone, I thought it would make your nails feel fuzzy once applied.  It doesn’t do that.  Instead it basically just adds confetti to your nails.

pink coat pink top pink coat blue coat green I tried Wool Lite and Fuzz-Sea and between the two, I prefer the pink one (Wool Lite) better.  I layered it over Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in I Lilac You and the juxtaposition between the pink and purple was really pretty.  Fuzz-Sea is blue and yellow “confetti” (aka bar glitter but without the glitter) and I layered that over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbet.  It was alright, but it reminded me of those Easter egg chocolates.

I would apply two coats to get a ton of the confetti on my nails and with a topcoat, they lasted a few days without chipping.  Removal was like taking off glitter polish, I had to use a few cotton rounds to remove all of it.

Overall, I didn’t think I would love these and I don’t.  I have seen bar glitter topcoats before and that is essentially what these are (except these aren’t shiny).  Also, with a name like Fuzzy Coat, I was expecting to have teddy bear nails, which unfortunately I did not (wahhh).

At $7.95 a pop, if you wanted to give these a try you certainly aren’t breaking the bank.

Are you going to give Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy Coat a try?

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Please note, I was sent this product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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