Candy crush: Benefit launches Lollitint cheek/lip stain

Lollitint title

Gumdrops and lollipops and unicorns and glitter, Benefit Cosmetics is releasing a new cheek/lip stain!

In true perfect-timing fashion, Pantone announced last week that the Color of the Year for 2014 will be Radiant Orchid, a harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink.  I was so excited that they chose a purple hue for next year because it’s much more wearable than emerald (2013) and tangerine (2012), although those colours were really fun to look at.  Either Benefit and Pantone are on the same brainwaves or they just knew ahead of time (besties?), but their new cheek/lip stain is the perfect complement to the trendy shade.

For those of you not familiar with their flagship product, first there was Benetint, a rose-tinted stain that was first introduced for an exotic dancer in the ‘70s who was looking for rosier tits for better tips (sorry, had to).  Basically, girl was looking for something that would make her nipples look rosy throughout the night, so the creators at Benefit created their revolutionary stain that gives you that rosy, sexy glow (like orgasm in a bottle… NARS Orgasm, people! 😉 ).

After Benetint came Posietint, a poppy-pink tint, and then Chachatint, a mango-tinted tint.  I have tried Benetint and Posietint and found them to be full of colour, natural looking, and long wearing.  Because of my love affair with both Benetint and Posietint, I was oh so excited to try out Lollitint.


Housed in the same kind of bottle as their other tints and highlighters (like High Beam), Lollitint is sweet like sugar.  It’s radiant pink shell is so cute I just want to bring it everywhere I go.  Like their other tints, it’s super easy to use.  Use the nail polish-like applicator to paint a small dab of the product on your cheeks, and then (working quick!), use your middle finger and ring finger to blend the products into your cheeks. Unfortunately I have always found the product to stain the pads of my fingers, but I mean that’s easily overlooked because this product is just too cute (it’s more embarrassing with Benetint compared to the other ones I’ve tried).

You can use Lollitint as a base and then layer another blush overtop or just wear it by itself for a natural, flushed look.  Personally, I love these for summer because they are so lightweight and give you that long-lasting cheek colour, however, if you want that “I just ran in from the cold” look, these work for that too.

before lollitint With lollitint

If you are loving the Radiant Orchid shade as much as I do or if you are just a fan of the uber-popular game Candy Crush (but seriously, don’t send me invites to help you get levels on Facebook), this is a must have.  Plus, you know it’s pink.  Who doesn’t love pink?  And lollipops?


Are you excited to try Benefit’s Lollitint?  Launches in January 2014!

Please note, this product was sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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