The Holiday Collection: Sephora Deco Daze Brush Set

There are very few brush sets that get my heart racing.  When I saw the Deco Daze set from Sephora, I knew this set was a showstopper.

This gorgeous set includes a powder brush, an angled blush brush, an eyeshadow brush, an angled liner, and an eye brush (as per the packaging from Sephora), all housed in a gorgeous clutch.  Now I usually find the brushes from sets to be lacking in quality and these are certainly not the best brushes I own (for the record, I love Quo brushes from Shopper’s Drug Mart), but this set is a real winner because of the clutch.

Top to bottom: Powder, Angled Blush, Angled Liner, Eyeshadow, Eye Brush (as per the packaging).

Alright, first about the brushes. I don’t necessarily agree with Sephora on their description of the brushes.  What they call a powder brush is more of a blush brush for me (and even then, I prefer a fluffier, round brush), the angled blush brush I use more for contouring.  Now, the “eye brush” is clearly an angled liner brush, they really messed up on that one (really Sephora?  Eye brush? You clearly use it for liner).  Aside from that, the quality on these are okay.  My favourite brushes are the liner, angled blush, and the shorter eyeshadow brush (which is perfect for getting the highlight on your brow bone).  I have much better brushes in terms of quality but these aren’t bad.  They are soft, not rough, but I just wish they were more fluffy.  For example, the eyeshadow brush is kind of sparse, same with the “powder” brush, which I use for blush.

Moving onto the clutch, this is easily my favourite part. It’s a hard case with a satin-like finish underneath a gold deco pattern.  On the inside it has a little pocket and a gold chain in case you want to wear it over your shoulder.

This is the perfect gift for anyone girly.  The brushes are a bonus but the real gift is the clutch.  If you are looking for a gift more for the brushes then I would skip this set because I feel like you could find better quality brushes in other sets (these are still good, but they aren’t the ones I reach for on a daily basis).  This set is really all about the clutch.

This set retails for C$70 ($58 USD) at Sephora.

Please note, I was sent this set for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.

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