Brit tips: Rimmel London Rita Ora Fall 2014 capsule collection polishes

Rita Ora

Back in March when I visited London, one of the highlights was checking out all the makeup in the UK drugstores that we don’t have back home. Even though there were loads of brands that we have in North America, there were tons of collections and products that aren’t “across the pond”, one of which was Rita Ora’s collection for Rimmel London.

Well, lucky for us North American folks, the Rita Ora capsule collection is launching this fall in drugstores nationwide. Items in the collection include the brand’s new Colour Rush Lip Balms in seven new shades, as well as their 60 Second Nail Polish in six fun colours.

I received two varnishes from the line, 323 Don’t Be Shy, a pink fuchsia, and 203 Lose Your Lingerie, a baby pink.  The other colours are 873 Breakfast in Bed, a mint green; 863 Do Not Disturb, a turquoise blue/green; 703 White Hot, a white; and 613 Midnight Rendezvous, a deep purple.  Each bottle features Ora’s face done in pop art, which if you are a fan of hers (I’m not, although I do love her single “I Will Never Let You Down”), these are a must!

Lose your lingerie

Lose Your Lingerie

At first glance, they didn’t look too stellar to me.  Lose Your Lingerie is a pale baby pink shade which I have a ton of already, and Don’t Be Shy looked like a regular pink to me. Then I put them both on and I was blown away.  Lose Your Lingerie is the perfect pale baby pink, the kind that makes your hands look tan, no matter how pale you are.  It reminds me a lot of one of my favourite colours, OPI’s Mod About You.  As for Don’t Be Shy, to be honest, when I saw it it was one of those colours where I was like “this one is going to be given away”, but then I tried it on and it’s so eye-catching and much prettier on the nails than in the bottle.

As for formula, the colour goes on quite opaque after two coats, however, if you really lay it on you can get away with one coat.  Just like their Salon Pro polishes, it features a wide, flat brush that really makes the colour glide on perfectly.

Don't Be Shy

Don’t Be Shy

Honestly, Rimmel London knows how to do nail polish and every varnish I’ve tried by them has blown me away in both formulation, colour, and longevity.  Both shades lasted quite a few days before chipping.  The best part?  At $3.99 a pop, these are great value.

Are you excited for the Rita Ora Fall 2014 Capsule Collection?

Please note, I was sent this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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Insta-worthy skin: CoverGirl Ready, Set Gorgeous foundation + concealer

Title   I am a foundation freak.  Although most foundations look good on the skin when first applied, the real test is how they look hours later.

I have tried everything from drugstore to department store and regardless of how much they cost, some are definitely better than others. My favourite drugstore foundation is CoverGirl’s Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation, which gives you perfect coverage and lasts all day. I also have their TruBlend one, and although I do like it when first applied, I don’t find that it is long lasting.  I’ve also tried their Clean Whipped Creme foundation, which I also loved and would totally re-buy (I have too many foundations at the moment, but if I ever find the need to buy a new foundation, I would get this one again).

The brand released a new line of foundations and a concealer, called Ready, Set Gorgeous, and when I saw that Katy Perry was the spokesperson behind it, I was like sign me up!  They actually have a whole new line of products out right now, but some are limited edition for the time being until next year (the Ready, Set Gorgeous powder foundation, CoverGirl XL Nail Gel, and CoverGirl Coverlicious glosses).

I was sent the CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous foundation in shade 105, as well as the concealer to try out and review.  The products launched a couple months back in drugstores and I have been itching to get my hands on them. The one thing that’s different about these is the packaging.  I feel like CoverGirl is really trying to appeal to a younger generation with a lot of their new products, plus having Katy Perry as a spokesperson doesn’t help either.  I’m instantly gravitated towards these products because of course, their name, as well as how they look.  Unlike the Stay Fab and TruBlend foundations, this one is in a squeeze tube, making it easy to apply and perfect for travelling (no pump on this bad boy!).  The concealer is a tube with a doe-foot application, so you can get pretty precise on where to place the product.

The idea behind this foundation is that it’s oil-free and provides long-lasting coverage.  The foundation has a built-in powder system that fights again shine, pulling oil and sweat away from your face, instead of trapping it underneath your foundation.  The concealer is lightweight, oil-free and shine-free that won’t clog pores. I wore this for eight hours on Sunday, and although I was mostly inside with tons of A/C, I did sport it in the sun and heat.  Overall, it held up pretty well and definitely longer lasting that the Trublend version. It’s not a full-coverage foundation, I would probably classify it as a light to medium coverage, but I think it’s perfect for everyday wear.  I would definitely wear this everyday to work and then put something a little heavier on for night.

Before and afterFull faceAfter

As for the concealer, I do find it’s a little thin for concealing blemishes and dark circles.  If you really need some major concealing, I would skip this product. I like it for everyday wear underneath my eyes, but I wouldn’t go full-out glam with this product.  The concealer would be great for teenagers, as they most likely haven’t developed dark circles yet (oh, the magic of aging… not that I’m saying I have dark circles…).

Overall, I really liked the foundation and recommend it.  I recently saw it at Wal-Mart for under $10, so if you want something relatively inexpensive and does the trick, pick this up.  This is great for those who don’t wear a lot of makeup and like to keep things au natural.  As for the concealer, I can think of many other drugstore brands that do a better job on concealing.  Even the TruBlend Concealer gives a better coverage than this one.  I don’t want to knock it entirely because I love the packaging on it, but if you want something thicker, I would skip this product.

Have you tried CoverGirl’s new InstaGlam collection?  Thoughts?

Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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Rewrite the rules: Always #LikeAGirl

Title AlwaysWhen I say, “run like a girl”, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  I think that the majority of people would see someone running, arms flailing, hair whipping like crazy.  What about “girl pushups”?  That one’s easy, those are pushups done on your knees, right?

I grew up thinking that “you run like a girl” is an insult, or that those so-called girl pushups, are the easier version of the ones done on your toes.  I think that those terms are so commonplace now that most people don’t even think about the fact that it’s kind of offensive.  We have a ton of them in our language and vocabulary (“wifebeater” would be a good example), that it’s no big deal.

You may have seen Alway’s new video popping up on your Facebook newsfeed (that’s where I first saw it) promoting confidence in women.  According to the new Always Confidence and Puberty Study, only 19 per cent of girls have a positive association with the phrase “like a girl”.  Always, the brand most known for feminine hygiene products, is rallying girls from across the globe to redefine the meaning of doing something #LikeAGirl from an insult to an expression of strength, talent, character, and downright awesomeness.

The video was directed by Lauren Greenfield, who did The Queen of Versailles, which if you haven’t seen, go watch.  I saw it last year solely for the fact that it had an American Eskimo in the poster, but the doc was actually so good that I told basically all my friends and family they had to see it.  Go check Netflix if they still have it on there, that’s where I watched it.

Anyways, take a look at the video, share it, and be part of the movement.  I’m a girl and can do pushups on my toes, chin ups, and run a marathon, and guess what?  I’m proud to say I can do them #LikeAGirl.


What’s your #LikeAGirl experience?  Share it in the comments below to win the same t-shirt I’m wearing, as well as an Always product (which is “always” needed ;) ). Giveaway open to Canadian residents only, ends on July 11, 2014.

Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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