Paint the town: Sephora Formula X Paint Party

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SEPHORA TITLESo if you are like me and own over 100 nail polishes, the odds are I’m not going to finish all those bottles before they go bad. Some may say I’m a hoarder, others may think I’m just polish obsessed. Regardless of what you think, let’s be honest here, most of the polishes I own have only been used one or two times. I don’t think I have ever finished a full bottle of nail polish before it went bad, which I’m sure is a common issue for a lot of people. Well my friends, the folks at Sephora came up with a genius idea of preventing nail polish from going bad.

Enter the Formula X Press Pods, a portable polish pod that has just enough product to paint all 10 fingers with two coats. No more wasted polish bottles! Want to try an array of colours? Well, for this holiday season, the beauty mecca has released the Formula X Paint Party, a little paint bucket filled with 24 press pods and three of their Delete-To-Go nail polish remover pads. Genius!

Paint pods removers

Comprised of Formula X’s best creams and pearls, there is a colour for everyone, and enough to share with all your besties. Simple twist the cap to open, roll bristles between your fingers to prep brush, then turn pod upside down and press firmly until the polish fills the brush. Dot the first drop of polish on the centre of the nail and continue painting down the middle of the nail and along the sides. Once you are done, just toss the pod.

I think this is a great idea and makes a perfect gift. Why guess what shade would look good on you when you can have 24 options? Find a perfect match? Just remember the name of the polish (it’s printed on the bottom) and then buy the full size if you think you would wear it lots.

Kudos Sephora on this little invention!

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skull + bone


If you are like me and skull obsessed, you already know what you are going to be this Halloween.

October’s New York Color Beauty PRO challenge was to create a Halloween look (shocker!), and although I love anything and everything glam, I had to go with something scary for this one.  Why be a princess when you can rock skull makeup, right?!

In true Shayna-fashion though, I just had to add a little drama, so I chose to keep the skull mask on the lower part of my face and then add some serious drama to the eye look, and voila! That skeleton ain’t so scary anymore..

Final 1


1. Apply your foundation first, focusing more on the top half of your face since the bottom half will be covered with white face makeup.

With a white face paint (I used the white colour from the Make Up For Ever 12-Color Flash Palette, but any white face paint will work), carve out a mask-like shape on the lower two-thirds of your face.  Then carefully fill in your outline with the white colour. Since this particular product was quite oily, I set it with a pressed powder to make it a bit more matte.

2. With a black gel liner (I used the black colour from the MUFE Flash palette), create a V on your nose then fill in the bottom part of your nose with the black.

3. Using the black colour from the New York Color HD Color Trio Eye Shadow in Skyrise Steel and a pencil brush, lightly go along the edges of the black to create a shadow effect.

4. Going back with the black gel liner, create two horizontal lines from the end of your mouth to your lash line.

5. Along your lips and the lines you just created, paint vertical lines. These are going to act as your “teeth”.

6. With your black gel liner, create a semi circle from the end of horizontal lines to the last “tooth” you made.

7. With the black eyeshadow, paint in the semi circle.

8. With your pencil brush, connect your teeth together and then shade in the bottoms and sides. I used the grey colour from the NYC palette.

9. Moving onto the eyes. Fill in your brows and lay down an eyeshadow primer. With the white colour from the NYC palette, apply this along your brow bone.

10. With a taupe colour (I used the middle shade from the New York Color HD Color Trio Eye Shadow palette in Central Park Plums) and a fluffy brush, apply this underneath the brow highlight, but above the crease, acting as your transition.

11. With the plum shade from the Central Park Plums palette and a pencil brush, lightly apply this in your crease and then creating a V along your outer lash line.  Gently build up the colour.

12. With the grey shade from the NYC Skyrise Steel palette, apply this on your lids.

13. With the black from the Skyrise Steel palette and your pencil brush, go over the plum in your crease gently to darken it up.

14. Take the black and the grey along your lower lash line, blending it out.  Finally, curl your lashes, add some mascara (I used New York Color Big Bold Curl mascara) and pop on some falsies.

Final 2

I absolutely loved this look and would totally rock it this Halloween, except that you have to walk around with a scowl on your face for it to work.  No smiling and definitely no singing, as it will ruin the whole look. But really, is there such a thing as a happy skeleton?

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Please note, I am part of New York Color’s #NYCBeautyPro program.  All opinions are my own.

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Cotton candy: Garnier Color Styler

color styler title

One of the biggest trends in hair over the past year has been colour.  No, I’m not talking about blonds, brunettes, reds, I’m talking about rainbow pastel shades.  Think lavender, pink, blue; think Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie, unicorn.

Well, if you are like me and are kinda scared of taking the plunge, Garnier has released an easy do-it-yourself way to bring out your inner Rainbow Brite.

Introducing Garnier Color Styler, semi-permanent wash-out hair colour. Available in five shades, pink, purple, copper, blue, and red, this product is super easy to apply and washes out in two to three shampoos.

color styler

I received the colour Pink Pop, a vibrant pink colour that looks pink on blondes and purple on brunettes.  Since I already have ombre hair, I just chose to dye the ends of my hair, since I figured the colour would look the most vibrant when placed there anyways.

The kit comes with two gloves, the dye (which comes in a bottle), and instructions.  Application was super easy, just pop on the gloves, place a towel across your shoulder (to protect your clothing), shake the bottle for 15 seconds then put some of the dye on your glove, rub your hands together, then run the product through your hair.  Wait for it to dry then comb it.  Make sure you apply this product on dry hair, it’s not designed for wet locks.

Pink hair

The colour is instant, and as a result, my hair turned magenta.  I absolutely love the effect but I hated the way my hair felt.  The product essentially coats your hair, so my usual healthy-looking soft hair looked quite dry and frizzy and matted easily.  Like super easily, I had to keep combing it throughout the night just so it would remain somewhat smooth.

The next day I did wash my hair making sure to use a hydrating masque, hoping it would smooth out my hair, which it did to an extent.  Some of the pink washed out so it wasn’t as vibrant as the initial application, but it was still pink.  My hair was smoother, but still had that dry feeling to it.

Overall, I love the way it made my hair look and was quite surprised by how easy and fast it was to apply.  If you don’t mind having natty hair, then definitely try this stuff out.  I still have some dye left over so I’ll definitely be reusing this.  I think it’s a super cool product and lets you try out that cotton candy trend without the commitment.  It’s not something I would do every week, but definitely for special occasions.

Have you tried Garnier’s Color Styler?  What were your thoughts?

Please note, this post contains products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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