Feeling tribal: MAC Vibe Tribe collection for spring 2016

MAC vibe tribe titleToo bad Coachella is already over because one of MAC’s May collections would have been perfect to rock for the festival.

Launching in stores and online in North America on May 19, 2016, Vibe Tribe is probably the coolest MAC collection I’ve seen in a while.  What’s make it so stellar? The packaging of course! Complete with tons of reds, corals, and gold, this collection is the ultimate makeup collection to prep you for summer. Think free-spirited teals and mandarins mixed with charcoals to up the edge factor.  This massive collection of 27 items includes lipsticks, bronzing powders, makeup bags and brushes, eyeshadows, and more!


I got three items from the collection, one of their bronzing powers, a lipstick, and a Patent Polish Lip Pencil.

There are five lipsticks (C$22.50) in the Vibe Tribe collection: Tanarama (pale beige with golden shimmer, frost), Arrowhead (bare nude, matte), Painted Sunset (bright orange-red, amplified), Pure Vanity (pale peach nude, lustre), and Hot Chocolate (dirty plum, satin). I received the colour Hot Chocolate, which is probably the least summery one of them all, but still really wearable.  This is like a Kylie Jenner kind of shade, which makes it equally as office appropriate as it does for a night out.  Although I did find it to be “just meh” in the tube, once applied, I learned to appreciate it a lot more. I think this would also look amazing if you have a dark skin tone. Regardless of the colour though, I am dying over the packaging. I’m usually not a sucker for MAC packaging, but since tribal is so in right now, this lipstick looks so cute sitting on my desk at work or in my clutch. You must pick up a shade just for the case alone.

MAC cases MAC open

Another lip product I got, which is new for me, is their Patentpolish Lip Pencil (C$25.50). I’ve never seen these before, but they offer the lightweight feel of a gloss with the coverage of a lipstick. At first glance I thought this was just a tinted lip balm, but they do go on quite opaque, with tons of shine. Also, unlike their Lipglass, they aren’t sticky at all, which makes them quite comfortable to wear.

This collection features five shades: Tumbleweed (soft nude), Teen Dream (bright pinkish coral matte), Caravamp (reddish-orange), Desert Evening (clear with pearl – online exclusive), and Rio Grande Romance (bright fuchsia). I received the colour Caravamp, which if you are a beauty blogger like me and receive a million red lipsticks, I wasn’t super excited about at first glance. This does tend to lean towards more of a tomato red, but it looks amazing with a tan.

Hot ChocolateCaravamp

The last item I got was one of their bronzing powders. These come housed in the same theme packaging, so the compact looks amazing just lying on a countertop. Since this is a spring/summer collection, MAC has three bronzers (C$32.50) to choose from, Matte Bronze (bare-shouldered bronze), Refined Golden (finely spun golden with soft pearl) and Firebrush (reddish bronze with golden sparkle).  They also offer their Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder (C$38.50) in two shades: Dephic (coppery bronze with gold sparkles) and Golden Rinse (light brick reddish bronze with fine shimmer).

I received the colour Refined Golden, which is pretty jaw dropping when opened. This isn’t a matte bronzer, but instead has flecks of gold shimmer in it. It’s also part of their permanent collection, so if you miss this you can pick it up anytime (although it won’t have the gorgeous packaging).  I’ve used this a few times and it really gives you the most beautiful glow. I’ve used it for adding colour, as well as contouring, and I feel like it’s soon to be my new favourite.


Since this collection is so beautiful (and really the perfect summer collection), I do foresee a lot of items selling out fast. Make sure you stop by your local counter right when they open on May 19 to get the items you want!

What are you going to be picking up from the MAC Vibe Tribe collection?

Please note, I was sent these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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Making your skin look better with dermaroller

Having nice skin is super important to me.

I was just in Mexico recently and came back with a burn on my nose and forehead.  I also found that my once-soft skin was feeling bumpy due to too many hours out in the sun. There are many things that can make your skin look less healthy. For me it was the sun, but for others, it could be due to age. For example, we all tend to develop more wrinkles as we get older. Sunspots can also appear later on in life. There are also skin issues that can arise at any time, regardless of age. For example, smokers tend to have thinner, more papery skin, or their skin can become hard and leathery. Also, anyone of any age can develop skin conditions like acne. But whatever your situation is, dermaroller treatments may be able to help you to make your skin look better and more healthy again.

Dermaroller is a Needle-Based Skin Treatment

The dermaroller process is sometimes called micro-needling. That’s because it uses tiny needles attached to a rolling device. The needles are just barely long enough to pierce through the top couple layers of your skin. Due to the fact that many people have a fear of needles, it’s a treatment that tends to get overlooked. However, you really should consider it, especially since a properly performed dermaroller treatment shouldn’t hurt at all. Your skin will be numbed before the technician starts working on it.

The Purpose of the Needle Treatment

If you’re wondering why you would want to poke your skin with hundreds of tiny needles all at once, there is a simple explanation. The needles cause a tiny bit of damage, but they cause it to many different skin cells. That should cause your body to feel like it is experiencing a widespread attack. Therefore, it will start to produce “defenders” in the form of healthy proteins and other substances, including elastin and collagen. Those are both substances that give your skin its strength and stretchiness.

Most people undergo dermaroller procedures because they make the patient’s body repair cellular damage, which eventually causes tighter, healthier-looking skin. In other words, it’s a way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin sags. However, a side benefit is that other damage might also be repaired a bit in the process. For example, blemishes might clear up or acne scars might get a bit lighter.

Comparing Laser Machines to Dermaroller Devices

Dermaroller machines are very different from medical lasers, but they can do similar things. Certain lasers are designed to tighten wrinkles, just like dermaroller devices. Other laser machines are better at doing spot treatments on scars or blemishes.

It’s important to note that lasers are not better or worse than dermaroller treatments. There’s some good and some bad associated with both. In the case of dermaroller (micro-needling), there’s the fear of needles to deal with. Also, your skin will ooze or bleed for a little while after each appointment.

With lasers, oozing and bleeding are unlikely. You also won’t have to deal with needles. However, the heat from the lasers can be problematic if you have certain skin conditions. Burns and blisters can happen as well, especially if your skin is oily. So, just be sure to discuss all of your options and concerns with your chosen clinic before you allow them to perform any procedure on your skin.

How do you take care of your skin?

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Shape matters: Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad & Lock-It Color Correcting Eyeshadow Primers

Kat Von D title

Kat Von D has been killing it lately with her products.

What started out as “just a Sephora brand” has definitely carved out a pretty big name for themselves in the beauty world. Their Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is now cult-worthy (umm hello Lolita) and their Shade + Light palette rivals some of the most popular competitors.

Speaking of the Shade + Light palettes, Kat Von D released an eyeshadow version to contour the eye area last year, and this month they released a smaller travel-friendly quad (C$34 each) to the line up. Available in four shades, these palettes are designed to transform your eyes through the art of colour contouring.

Each palette contains matte shades of Kat Von D’s pigmented blendable eyeshadows in their own mini coffin case. You have a neutral colour, a crease colour, a defining colour and a highlighting shade. The package also contains a how-to insert incase you want some inspiration on how to use this bad boy.

Kat von d instaKat Von D open palette

I got the quad in the colour Rust, which has matte, brownish reds. The other three palettes are Sage (matte greens), Plum (matte purples), and Smoke (matte cool greys). Each quad is designed for your eye colour. So if you have blue eyes, Rust would be perfect; green eyes your would choose Plum; brown eyes would go with Sage; and you can do Smoke with all eye colours.  Rust has a nude-pink colour as the base, a mid-tone brown as the definer, an orange-rust colour as the crease, and a cream as the highlight.

The shadows in here are quite soft and blend nicely. I do find with Kat Von D shadows though that they tend to have a lot of fallout. So definitely tap your brush prior to applying the colour on your lids, so you don’t have it falling all over your face.

Shadow tips

Since I always lay down an eyeshadow primer to lock in the colour, I used the new Kat Von D Lock-It Color Correcting Eyeshadow Primers (C$33 each), which have been out since the beginning of this year. Available in five different shades (Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, Deep), these eyeshadow primer pencils colour correct and primes lids according to your skin tone. Apply these to your lids prior to your eyeshadow to create a blank canvas close to your natural skin tone.

I used these products last Saturday for a natural, glowy look. Rust is definitely a daytime quad, however, with that brown you can transition it to night if you place it in the crease.

Final 3steps1.Lay down an eyeshadow primer like the Kat Von D Lock-It Color Correcting Eyeshadow Primer (I used the colour Light).

2. With the base colour (the pink) apply that to your lid area.

3. With a crease brush, lightly place the contour colour (the orange) into your crease. These are quite pigmented, so work slow and then build up the colour.

4. Using that same brush, lightly dab the brush into the brown and place it gently into the crease to darken it up a smudge.

5. With the highlight, go over the lid area again, but stop about halfway just to brighten it up. Also place the highlight onto the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eye.

6. Curl your lashes and apply mascara and some falsies.

7. With the orange colour, lightly sweep that along your lower lash line and then with the brown, place that in the outer corner to darken it up. Apply mascara to your bottom lashes to finish.

Final 1

I’ve used many Kat Von D shadows in the past so I knew the formulation would be amazing with these. The concept of eyeshadow palettes designed to your eye colour isn’t new and you certainly don’t have to follow the rules and pick up the palette for your colour.

As for the eyeshadow primer pencils, at C$33, they are quite pricey in my opinion (for a dollar more you can get the palette), but they do work quite nice and I like how they are targeted towards different skin tones. You obviously don’t have to go with what colour would suit you best, as I have the dark one as well and use it for a brown smoky look.

I’ve always been a fan of Kat Von D’s eyeshadows and the size of these palettes make them great for travelling. Make sure you stop by Sephora to check them out IRL!

Also, don’t forget to enter my signed Demi Lovato CD and Lovatics by Demi New York Color prize pack, as well as my Genuine Health giveaways!

Please note, this post contains products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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