Bangin’ eyes: Benefit Cosmetics Bad Gal Bang mascara

One of my first favourite prestige mascaras was Benefit BADGal mascara.

I remember I would always purchase this mascara on Shopper’s Optimum Points since I felt like a C$25 mascara was way too expensive.  I mean, it is pricey, but considering that I’ve used mascaras for way more money years later, $25 isn’t actually that much.

Anyways, I’ve tried so many mascaras since that time and unfortunately I haven’t used BADGal in years.  Still though, when I saw they came out with a sister to the original I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Would it be as amazing as the OG? Is the brush the same? Would I love it more?

Bad Gal Bang mascara
Bad Gal Bang mascara wand

Thankfully, BADGal Bang! actually came in Benefit’s Triple Decker Decadence holiday set, so I finally had my chance to give it a try.

BADGal Bang! (C$32) is billed as a 36-hour volumizing mascara that is designed to give your lashes massive volume. The idea with this mascara is that the more layers you add to your lashes, the more voluminous they will be.  It contains aero-particles that are one of the lightest-known materials, which is derived from space technology.

The brush is a slim one that is designed to coat your lashes from root to tip and even get those pesky little lashes that are hard to cover with a regular mascara wand.  I did find that this mascara does a good job of coating your lashes and getting them to truly stand out.

The formula is just as good as the original (although the brush is significantly different). This mascara is smudge proof, water resistant, and is formulated with provitamin B5 to support natural lash thickness and strength.

Swatches of Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara

So overall thoughts? I like this mascara and think it does a nice job of giving you lashes that stand out and look long. I think in terms of what it makes my lashes look like, from what I can remember oh so many years ago, it does make them look comparable.  Is it my new favourite mascara? Does it beat out Too Faced Better Than Sex? Not quite, but Better Than Sex has that magical brush that just gives your lashes all the volume and length you need.

As you can see in the before and after, BADGal Bang! definitely makes my lashes stand out and I do think it does an incredible job of giving you noticeable lashes.

Have you tried any of Benefit’s mascaras?

Please note, product sent by PR, all opinions are my own.

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Sweet treats: Three sweet sets to gift for the holidays

Well guys, it’s officially the holiday season. And, with the holiday season comes holiday gift sets, so obviously it’s my favourite time of the year.

If you watch my stories on Instagram, you would’ve seen all the magical sets arriving here. Basically my condo is like a mini Sephora store, which as you can imagine makes me very happy to come home to everyday.

Anyways, I will be doing some brand-specific holiday posts, but I wanted to change it up a bit this year with gift guides as well.  Which brings us to today’s post.

One of my favourite holiday scents is anything sugary, so when I got these goodies come in I had to compile them as a sugary sweet gift guide. From an irresistibly-smelling candle to a cake of makeup goodies (sans calories), anyone you gift these items to will surely not be able to keep their sweet tooth in check.

Nest Sugar Cookie Three-Wick candle and reef diffuser

Nest Sugar Cookie Candle and Reef Diffuser

You guys know I absolutely adore Nest, both their fragrances and their home scents, so I was super excited to give their Sugar Cookie candle and reed diffuser a smell.

Sugar Cookie is actually like how you think it would smell. It has notes of vanilla, bourbon, caramel, sugarcane crystals, and amber.  You know that scent when you bake cookies? Yeah, it’s like that. Except that you don’t have to actually consume any calories after giving this a whiff.

If you haven’t tried Nest candles before, they are made from highly refined, cosmetic-grade wax that infuses a room with an amazing scent.  Nest candles are very expensive (the three-wick shown here is C$90), but if you are looking for a luxurious gift for someone who is hard to buy for, then these definitely do the trick.  The candles also have a very long burn time, which definitely helps with the cost. This candle will last you 80 to 100 hours, which is incredible.

If candles aren’t your jam, you can pick up or gift the reed diffuser (C$64), which gives you that sugar cookie scent 24/7. The reed diffuser consists of a jar of high-quality fragrance oils, which are released slowly and evenly in the air for approximately 90 days.  Just place it on a shelf, bedside table, coffee tables, etc. and bask in the warm, sugary scent.

Sugar Cookies and Sweet Peach Too Faced mini palettes

Too Faced Sugar Cookie and Tickled Peach Eye Shadow Palettes

Following on the sugar cookie trend, Too Faced has the sweetest little eyeshadow palette which would be perfect to gift to your bestie who is always on the go.

The Sugar Cookie Eye Shadow Palette (C$32) is a small palette that features eight eyeshadows in both matte and shimmery shades. The shade range in here ranges from glittery silvers to matte browns, shimmering pinks, and more. Best part is, in true Too Faced form, this palette smells like fresh-baked cookies, so every time you open it you’ll feel a wash of sugary goodness that’s quite a treat.

Look featuring the Too Faced Tickled Peach palette

If your gift recipient is a fan of the Too Faced Peach line, then take a look at the Tickled Peach Mini Eyeshadow Palette (C$32), which also features eight matte and shimmering shadows housed in a tin palette reminiscent of the original Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette.

The shades in this palette lean more on the side of corals and browns (see photo above), which I find to be a little more wearable than the Sugar Cookie one. There are a variety of looks you can do with this palette (and Sugar Cookie), and just like the other Peach palettes, this one also has that sweet Georgia Peach scent.

Benefit 2018 Holiday gift sets

Benefit Cosmetics Triple Decker Decadence and Confection Cuties gift sets

Benefit Cosmetics is taking their love of sweets to a whole new level with their holiday sets this year.

Housed in a collectible tin that looks like a wedding cake, the Triple Decker Decadence set (C$52) has three full-sized products, plus a mini of their liquid cheek tint. Open up the tin to reveal full-sizes of their BADgad BANG! mascara, The POREfessional Face Primer, High Brow brow highlighting pencil, and a deluxe mini of their Gogotint lip and cheek stain.

The three full-size products alone will cost you C$104, so for essentially less than half the price, you are getting an amazing deal here.

Benefit Triple Decker Decadence gift set

If you are looking for a smaller gift (think Secret Santa or that friend you’re kinda friends with, but not full-fledged besties), then Confection Cuties (C$25) will be right up your alley.

Like the Triple Decker Decadence set, this one also comes in a multi-layer cake-shaped tin, but on a smaller level. There are no full-sized products in here, but instead you get travel-friendly sizes of The POREfessional, Gimme Brow+ brow volumizing fibre gel, and Roller Lash curling and lifting mascara.

Since these are all travel-sized products, I think this is a nice gift topper (as in, you bought one expensive gift, but it might be small and you’re looking for something else to round out the whole present). For $25 though, I would invest the cash into one of the larger sets since it’s definitely more bang for your buck. Although I haven’t tried Roller Lash (I do love the other Benefit mascaras though), I have tried The POREfessional and Gimme Brow and love both of those products, so at least you get some real winners in here.

Benefit Confection Cuties holiday set

If you usually surprise your friends with some holiday baking, then you may want to think about tacking some of these sets on to their gifts this year. You really can’t go wrong with anything sweet and sugary, and when makeup is involved, well it’s just icing on a calorie-free cake.

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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No sweat: Clinique Fit workout makeup

I work out a lot. Like everyday a lot. Sometimes even twice a day.

Although there are major physical benefits in working out, for me it’s mostly about the mental stuff. I just don’t feel like myself if I don’t go to the gym or do something to get my body moving. In fact, when I’m not attending a fitness class, I’m usually teaching one, something I’ve been doing since 2011.

Although I don’t usually wear makeup when I work out, since it’ll just come off anyways as I sweat it out, when I saw Clinique’s workout makeup line last year I was super intrigued.  Just like how workout clothes have transcending the fashion world (in that you don’t necessarily have to hit the gym to wear Adidas), Clinique is transforming the makeup world for those of us that want to look extra cute while running that 5K on the treadmill.

Clinique Fit Makeup Items

I’ve been a huge fan of Clinique for years now, in fact it was the first department store skincare line I ever used religiously, so when I saw they had this collection I was instantly drawn to it since I love the brand already and I love working out (double whammy).  Although it’s been out for a year now, I got my hands on it last week and couldn’t wait to put it to the test in a sweaty step class.

If you aren’t familiar with the line already, CliniqueFit is a line of athletic-inspired, sweat-proof skin care and makeup that is long wearing and designed to fit seamlessly with your workout routine.  There are seven items total, ranging from foundation to mascara to a moisturizer, hydrating spray, and more.

Prior to my class, I applied the CliniqueFit Workout Makeup SPF 40 (C$39), which is a lightweight foundation available in four different shades that is billed to last 12 hours. In addition to its long wear, it also has sunscreen in it, making it perfect for those outdoor workouts. Next, I applied the CliniqueFit Workout 24-Hour Mascara (C$25), which separates, lengthens, and curls lashes without flaking or smudging for 24 hours.

Clinique Fit items Clinique Fit waterproof mascara

As you can see in the photos below, the foundation gives you great coverage and the mascara really defines your lashes. I didn’t actually expect these to be as great as they turned out to be.  Since the mascara wand is so thin, I was shocked to see how much it lengthened and defined my lashes. Best part was, both of these products held up quite well through my class and usually I find mascara tends to burn my eyes as sweat gets in them while I’m lying down and doing a core workout. This wasn’t the case, everything held up quite well for the hour.

After the class, I cooled down with the CliniqueFit Workout Face + Body Hydrating Spray (C$19.36 at Nordstrom), which is a water-based travel spray that refreshes and hydrates the skin. This stuff feels amazing after a gross sweaty class and is definitely a breath of fresh air.

Once I got home, I removed the makeup using the CliniqueFit Post-Workout Face + Body Cleansing Swipes (C$19), which are pH-friendly towelettes that removes excess dirt, oil, makeup, you name it.  They are also gently exfoliating and moisturizing. I was actually quite impressed with how well these took everything off. They were super hydrated, so all the makeup came off quite well, even the mascara, which I found was quite surprising. I really loved these.

Clinique Fit Mattifying Moisturizer Clinique Fit Workout Face and Body Hydrating Spray, Cheek and Lip Tint, and Workout Makeup SPF 40

Once the makeup was off, I jumped in the shower, and then after I applied the CliniqueFit Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer (C$40.80 at Nordstrom), which is a double-action moisturizer that hydrates skin for up to eight hours while mattifying the skin.

Other items in the line include the CliniqueFit Lip + Cheek Flush (C$29), which is an oil-free sheer gel that tints lips and cheeks with a fade-resistant stain, designed to give you a post-workout glow, and the CliniqueFit Post-Workout Neutralizing Face Powder (C$39), which is a yellow colour-correcting loose powder that neutralizes the look of redness and reduces shine.

So overall thoughts on the line? The products I would recommend you pick up are the foundation, the mascara, and the wipes.  I absolutely love all three of these products and recommend picking them up even if you don’t workout. The foundation is a light coverage but I did find that it covered up any blemishes or redness in my skin and left it looking flawless in general. Same with the mascara. Although these are both designed for working out, if you are into the whole natural look, then you’ll love how these make your lashes and skin look. The wipes are also amazing as they take off everything and are a touch texturized as well, so you are also exfoliating your skin prior to your cleanser.

Clinique Fit put to the test before and after swatches

What I would skip is the Post-Workout Neutralizing Face Powder. This thing looked really cool, since it’s this little jar with a mirror on the lid and you apply it by twisting the top which has a sponge on it.  There are no directions on the packaging, so I had to look up how to use it. Apparently you unlock the product then shake it so the powder gets into the sponge which you dab on your skin. This did absolutely nothing for me, I shook it like crazy and I could kinda see three yellow dots appear on the sponge, but I don’t think that the powder fully got into the sponge which was disappointing.

The other post-workout products were cool, but usually post-workout I’m either going to bed or I’m getting ready for work, so I wouldn’t necessarily need a cheek or lip tint, or a mattifying moisturizer (since I would just apply my normal one).

I really love the idea of the line and I think that Clinique came out with some cool products (they also come in some pretty cool packaging).  I was at Hudson’s Bay on the weekend and I didn’t see the line at the Clinique counter, so I’m not sure how easy it is to spot this collection, however, a number of items are available online at Shopper’s Beauty Boutique.

This line officially launched last year, so I would love to know your thoughts on it if you have tried out some items.

Do you wear makeup when you workout?

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