Bronzed + baked: Three products to fake a bronzy glow

I’m like really pale. So pale that if you ever see me with a tan, you should know it’s fake.

There’s nothing like looking bronze. Not only does it make me feel happier, but it makes me look thinner, it makes my muscles more noticeable, and a tan is just more bomb in general. I envy all those olive-skinned girls out there that can get bronzy in no time. No matter how long I stay in the sun, I just won’t get darker. So I fake it.

I’ve talked about self tanners a ton on here, but there’s other products as well that will help you achieve an awesome glow. Sometimes all it takes is a little bronzer or shimmer to give you that baked look.

Taste Braziliance Plus+ self tanner and mitt

Okay so the first product is a self tanner, but it’s one of my new favourites. Who would have thought that Tarte would make an awesome tanner?

Brazilliance Plus+ Selt Tanner and Mitt is a tinted bronze gel that you apply with the felt mitt for an even, streak-free tan. Although I love mousse tanners more than liquids or gels, I’ve really been loving this since it goes on so evenly, and unlike other gels out there, you can actually see the colour once you apply it since it’s a bronze colour. The product is also packed with natural exfoliators and moisturizers and contains squalane (I just posted about this a couple weeks ago about some Asian skincare products), aloe and citric acid to help condition and promote exfoliation, which preps skin for each application so your tan fades evenly and gradually. Best of all, it smells amazing! I can’t quite nail it, but I feel like it has a scent like gingerbread.

Seriously, this sunless tanner is so amazing, and the colour develops in about four hours (I always apply it before bedtime to let it set overnight).

Stila Stay All Day Bronzer For Face and Body

Next up is a good bronzer. I have a million different bronzers and although I’m not really partial to any of them (I love them all!), I have been digging the Stila All Day Bronzer for Face and Body lately. I did blog about this in my post on what I brought to LA, but I just had to mention it again since it’s such a good bronzer.

What I like about this is that it is quite large, so at C$47 a pop, this guy will last you a long time. There are three different shades (light, medium and dark – I have medium), so depending on your skin tone, there is a colour for you.  The formula is really soft, so the colour glides on your skin and look natural, not patchy. It’s also buildable, so you can wear it for an all-over glow or go deeper for contouring. The finish is matte, so you get a nice natural-looking bronze colour.

BareMinerals Invisible Glow Powder Highlighter in Tan.

Lastly, to accentuate your glow, you need a great highlight to really add some shine to the face. I have so many highlighters, but the newest one to cross my desk is the new BareMinerals Invisible Glow Powder Highlighter in Tan.

This baked highlighter gives you a natural-looking multi-dimensional glow. The baked formula delivers sheer colour that is more of a subtle highlighter compared to a lot of the other ones out there (if you are scared of having a highlight that you can see from space, this is for you!). This formula is available in four different shades, but tan is a combination of champagne and copper that gives you a warm copper hue. I really like this one because it’s a nice complement to any bronzer.

Although the first step to looking tan is actually getting one (whether that be the real way or the faux way), but I definitely love to pull out certain products when I am looking darker. What are your bronzing staples?

Please note I received these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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Over the rainbow: How to colour correct like a pro

You may have seen them in the concealer aisle, products in rainbow hues like green, purple, pink and yellow. No, these aren’t concealers, they’re colour correctors!

Suffer from dullness? Redness? Bags under your eyes? Thankfully there’s a colour corrector for that! I’ve actually posted about colour correcting before, but I wanted to touch on it again since so many brands are coming out with their own colour correcting palettes.

Colour correcting solves a lot of problems. I’ve had friends ask me for concealer recommendations for dark circles or moisturizers to make their skin glow, but in reality, a little colour correcting can get rid of problems like dark circles under the eyes and dullness.

The way these things work is by looking at the colour wheel. Red and green are opposite colours, so they cancel each other out.  If you suffer from redness on your face (perhaps around the nose area?), apply some green to the area, blend it out, then apply your foundation. You’ll notice that the redness was neutralized. Same goes for all the other colours you’ll commonly find in a colour correcting kit.

Here’s a cheat sheet:

Pale pink – targets blue-toned spots on fair skin
Peach – neutralizes blue/purple shadows
Yellow – Conceals purple or dark-toned shadows on olive or tan skin
Green – camouflages redness
Lavender – cancels out yellow tones

Although there are many palettes out there geared towards colour correcting, a lot of brands also offer single items as well in case you don’t need to go so heavy with the correcting. In fact, Make Up For Ever has a whole line of primers in an assortment of different hues geared toward colour correcting the face before applying makeup.

I don’t often do colour correcting since I don’t really suffer from discolouration much. With that being said, if I do colour correct, I will apply some green around the eye area and my nose to balance it out. It may seem scary once you apply the colour to your face, but once it’s blended out, you really do see a difference.

In the photo above I went a little deeper than I normally would do for this method. I applied the peach tone under my eyes to banish dark circles, I put the green around my nose and outer corner of the eyes to get rid of redness, and I placed the purple on my cheeks to take away any dullness. I used the colour correcting palette by L’Oreal Paris, as part of their Infallible line, but most colour correcting palettes have the same colours (if you are darker toned, then the colours will be a little different to suit darker complexions).

Once I blended that all out, I applied my makeup as I usually would and you can definitely tell that my skin looked more radiant and my makeup more flawless.

The redness was gone, the dullness disappeared, and the dark circles vanished. All because of a little green, purple, and peach.

If you are curious about colour correcting and live in the Winnipeg area, I’m hosting a colour correcting clinic this Monday, April 24 at London Drugs St. Vital. The event is free and there are two sessions available, 6 p.m. and 6:45 p.m.. You can register for tickets here. Come by, say hi, and learn to colour correct like a pro!

Do you do colour correcting? What are your thoughts on this method?

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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California dreaming: Highlights from LA

Guys, I think I have an addiction to travelling. Because I tend to travel so often, if I’m home for  more than three months I get the itch to go somewhere. My boyfriend had some work stuff in Los Angeles this past weekend so I was more than happy to tag along, especially since it was my first time visiting.

I’ve always wanted to go to LA. When I was younger, I was wanted to be a movie star and would watch all the old Hollywood films and just admire all the classic actors. As I got older, in my teens, I was totally sucked into the LA hype, when Paris Hilton was in her prime and Laguna Beach was the hottest show on TV. Now, between watching Keep Up With the Kardashians and pretty much any show that takes place in LA, it seems like I’m familiar with the city even though I’ve never been.

Anyways, we headed out last weekend since it was Easter long weekend (I used all my vacay days at work except for one, so it worked out perfectly) and I really did have the best time for a first trip there. We stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt, which is right across from the TCL Chinese Theatre and on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We stayed in a cabana room since I found they looked more trendier and modern online. The cabana rooms surround the pool, which is a super iconic spot as Marilyn Monroe held her first professional photo shoot there (she also lived at the hotel for two years or so – she has her own suite named after her and apparently haunts the property). The bottom of the pool was also painted by artist David Hockney and is a million-dollar mural.

Since the BF was off doing work stuff on Friday, I had the whole day to myself. I started at the Morphe store in Burbank, which was quite a hike from everything else, but it was well worth it, as I picked up some goodies for friends, as well as some single eye shadows and a Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick (it’s always so expensive to ship these things to Canada!). Next, I grabbed a Lyft (if you’ve never used Lyft or Uber before, find some promo codes online for money off your first rides!) to Melrose, where I hit up some coffee shops, murals, and shops. I always wanted to stop by Dash and was actually pleasantly surprised to find that the merchandise was pretty affordable, I walked out of there with a black bodysuit by their Dash line which was $65.

After, I made my way to the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood for the TMZ Tour, which I was on the fence about, but since I had time to kill before meeting up with my boyfriend (and the pick up/drop off spot was right across from our hotel), I figured why not? I ended up loving the tour as they give you a pretty good overview of LA and all the hotspots/celebrity history of some landmarks. We saw where Paris Hilton filmed her sextape (the Four Seasons Beverly Hills), we learned that Josh Hartnett shit his pants outside the Chateau Marmont (and called 911 about it), and we found out that the Kardashian family received the keys to the city of Beverly Hills on 90210 day, among so many other juicy tidbits. I found that throughout the trip I kept dropping the facts I learned on the tour to my boyfriend since we hung around the same areas they take you on. I read bad reviews about it online, but I definitely recommend taking the tour, as it was incredibly entertaining and if you’re into celebrity gossip and info, then you’ll find this enjoyable.

Other spots we visited were The Grove, which was a place I’ve always wanted to go to, but to be honest, I found it a little disappointing. There isn’t that many stores there and the stores they do have are pretty well known and available anywhere. We ended up going to Santa Monica after and the Third Street Promenade was so much better for shopping (I even found a pair of Quay x Desi High Keys at Nordstrom, whereas The Grove location was saying they always sell out as soon as they get them in), as well as a walk down Rodeo Drive. While we were in Beverly Hills, we popped into the Beverly Hills Hotels to take some photos and eat brunch at The Polo Lounge, which was fabulous. Other spots we ate at was Farida on Sunset Boulevard, Gjelina in Venice and Catch LA on Melrose (oh, and In ‘n Out burger of course).

On the last day we went to Universal Studios Hollywood and had a total blast. The calibre of rides there were unlike anything I have been on. Since my boyfriend hates lines we opted for the Front of Line passes, which were so worth it since some of the rides had a wait time of 50 minutes or more.

Overall it was such an amazing trip and I was so sad to leave. Considering that it was my first time, I found that everything looked so familiar, since we see Los Angeles all the time on TV and in films. It’ll be tough to top this trip next time I head out there (which, hopefully is sooner rather than later). In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photos!

Have you been to LA? What are some of the places you recommend checking out?

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