Thick as thieves: Pureology Strength Cure

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TitleOkay, I’ll admit it.  I’m a shampoo and conditioner hoarder.  It’s not my fault though, it takes me a while to get through one bottle of the stuff (especially shampoo), that the bottles just seem to pile up and up.  To be fair, I do rotate the products depending on what I want that particular day.  Sometimes I like volume, other times I want it smooth and sleek; whatever the mood I’m in, I got a shampoo and conditioner for that.

I definitely like some brands more than others, but my all-time favourite is Pureology.  I’ve tried many different formulas from the 100 per cent vegan line (including their incredibly expensive Nano Works, which is fab by the way), so I was uber excited to find out they released a new product line.  Enter Strength Cure, which repairs hair after just one application.

The line is comprised of six products – shampoo ($29.50) & conditioner ($31.50), Fabulous Lengths ($35) serum for reducing breakage, Split End Salve ($27.50), and a masque ($49.15).  Each product has their anti-fade complex, which has UV filters, heliogenol, and vitamins C&E for colour retention, as well as Asta-Repair, which includes Astaxanthin, Keravis, Ceramide, and Arginine to heal, strengthen and protect from colour oxidation.


Pureology launched this line just in time for fall and winter, AKA colder weather.  I do have a problem with split ends and have to use a split end tamer after I wash my hair, otherwise my ends will frizz out.  I received these products about a month ago and have been using them religiously every time I wash my hair.  Most times I will just use the shampoo and conditioner, but sometimes I will switch it out for the masque for a more intense cleanse.  After, I always apply the Split End Salve and then the Fabulous Lengths serum which gives improved touch, shine and light reflection, as well as heat protection to prevent further damage.

As with any of the lines from Pureology, I always find my colour looks amazing, my hair feels soft, and I typically get lots of compliments on it.  It is a pricey brand, but honestly, I have tried many different hair brands and regardless of the price, this one really does rule them all.  Best of all, you don’t need a lot of product, so yes, it’s an investment, but really, can you put a price on great hair?

Are you going to try Pureology’s Strength Cure line?

Please note, this post contains products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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Obsessed: Rita Ora x Rimmel London 60 Seconds nail polishes

TitleA couple months ago I reviewed two of the new Rita Ora for Rimmel London 60 Seconds nail polishes.  I have a lot of nail polishes and they looked like colours I already have in my collection, but then I totally fell in love with them once swatched on my nails.  Since I already had Don’t be Shy and Lose Your Lingerie in my collection —  and are obsessed with them — I just had to get my hands on some of the other colours.

Enter White Hot Love and Do Not Disturb, a shimmery white and matte turquoise respectively.  I’ve really been into white polish recently and I’ve been loving turquoise for a while, so I was so excited to play around with these.


If you aren’t familiar with Rimmel’s 60 Seconds nail polishes, they have a super-fast drying time (hence the name), with a fabulous brush, and really opaque colour.  Best of all they are super affordable and – this could be a plus or a negative – they are relatively small.  I don’t think I have ever finished a whole bottle of nail polish so I like the small size. The Rita Ora line has a fun pop art print of the singer on each bottle as well.


Just like the other colours I have tried in the collection, the colour is super opaque.  Although, you do have to be a bit more careful with the application of the white colour since white can tend to look a bit streaky.  Overall though, these are phenomenal polishes and definitely worth picking up (they also retail for less than C$5, hello, run to the store now).  I do have to say that I find Do Not Disturb to be a really close dupe for Butter London’s Slapper, which I also have, and honestly, when I put them side by side, they are super similar.  So $16 compared to under $5, that’s a no brainer.

Have you tried any of the Rimmel London x Rita Ora nail polishes yet?

Please note, I was sent this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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Fashionably late: H&M (finally) comes to Winnipeg

titleI always have a love-hate relationship when we get new stores here in Winnipeg.  Yes, I’m obviously excited that we are getting new retailers that most times are some of my favourite stores, but it makes travelling less enjoyable.  My kind of sightseeing mostly revolves around shopping.

One of my all-time favourite retailers ever is H&M.  I’ve been to the chain all around the world; if there is an H&M location in a city I’m in, I’ll make sure that I pay a visit.  Heck, when I was coming home from B.C. in July we had a three-hour stopover in Calgary so we hitched a $30 cab ride to Cross Iron Mills just to stop in at H&M.  I’ve been to H&M all across Canada and internationally – Vegas, New York, London, Paris, Rome – you name it, I’m seriously H&M obsessed.

Winnipeg seems to always be last on the map of places to get popular retailers, and you know what?  I’m totally fine with that.  It makes travelling more enjoyable for me (who wants to go to the Colosseum in Rome when you can go shopping??!), so when I heard we were getting an H&M location here at Polo Park Mall the news was bittersweet.  Obviously I was excited, but now I won’t feel the need to binge shop, although I have to admit that I travel quite often so I find I’m in an H&M location pretty much every few months.  And not only that, I’ve been to so many locations that I know where the good ones are and the ones that aren’t worth the travel.  My favourite location?  Obviously the one at the Forum Shops in Vegas, and believe it or not, the Red Deer, Alberta location. Not gonna lie, I would say the majority of my closet is H&M.

Front of store MannequinsDJ IMG_4852

If you know me personally, you will know that I’m a huge sucker for store openings.  I went to the Apple store opening, Forever 21 (where the first 300 in line got a $21 GC), IKEA (I was there at 4 a.m. just to score a $75 GC), Victoria’s Secret, and more.  Honestly, nothing beats the rush of a new store opening, so I was super excited to attend the H&M pre-launch VIP party last night at their first-ever Winnipeg location in Polo Park mall.  The retailer holds 25,000 square feet in the mall on the main floor and features clothing for ladies, men, teens, and kids, as well as accessories.  The pre-launch was a fun affair with music, cocktails, and obviously shopping.  And lots of it.  We all got 25 per cent off our purchases so obviously my friend and I went a little crazy.  I do have to say that this isn’t the best location I’ve been to.  There were lots of basic items and the things that I saw online that caught my eye, our location didn’t have.  That’s alright though, there’s still something to get excited about when I leave Winnipeg, right?!

The store officially opens today at 11 a.m. and to celebrate, the first 300 customers in line will receive a special access to fashion pass that is valued at $10 to $300.  If you don’t make it opening day, I read that they are offering students and teachers 15 per cent off with a valid ID.  Promo ends on September 14, 2014.

Carly and I

Polo Park is currently undergoing a huge renovation that will bring more retailers to the mall, including Urban Outfitters, Anthopology, Nine West, and more.  Now I just hope we don’t get a Zara or any luxury retailers, then there would be no need to travel :P.

Will you be stopping by H&M Winnipeg this week?  Got a wish list ready?

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