Spring cleaning: New skincare products from Olay you need to try for spring

I think it’s safe to say that most of us are upping our skincare routines right now.

Although my skincare routine is pretty rigorous on a normal day, I’ve lately been adding in some extra steps to help nourish it, including a scrub a few days a week, some extra serums, and applying moisturizer every single day.

Olay actually released some new products for spring a couple months ago and they’ve been very handy in keeping the skin looking nice and fresh.  If you are looking for extra nourishment and TLC to your skin then keep reading.

Olay Sensitive Hungarian Water Essence Moisturizer

Olay Hungarian Water Essence Skin Calming Facial Moisturizer

For those with sensitive skin, Olay’s new Hungarian Water Essence Skin Calming Facial Moisturizer ($20.99) will help do wonders on your skin.

This daytime moisturizer is lightweight in texture and is free of dyes, parabens, oil, fragrance, and silicone.  It’s formulated with Hungarian water essence and a broad-spectrum mineral-containing sunscreen with SPF 15, meaning it’s gentle on the face and will protect your skin when venturing outdoors.

Since the formula is lightweight, it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t feel greasy either.

Olay Scrubs

Olay Scrubs

Like I said earlier, I have been incorporating more scrubs into my skincare routine since it helps to rid the skin of dead skin cells and Olay’s new exfoliators have some extra skincare benefits to them as well.

Olay’s new five-in-one scrubs are formulated with Vitamin C and hydrated silica cleansing crystals which break down as your cleanse your skin.  As a result, you are left with fresh, vibrant, and glowing skin.

I use these before my cleanser and after my makeup remover.  There is three varieties to choose from: Detoxifying, Hydrating, and Pore Perfecting (all C$12.99).

The Detoxifying scrub contains Vitamins C and black charcoal to help draw out impurities and detoxify the skin.  It also helps with oily skin and getting rid of excess grease and shine.

The Hydrating scrub contains Vitamin C and Caviar Lime to boost brightness, nourish, and invigorate the senses.

Finally, the Pore Perfecting scrub also has Vitamin C and dragon fruit to purify and refresh the skin, as well as transport you to the tropics (seriously, we all need that right now).

Olay Serum Sticks for spring 2020

Olay Serum Sticks

If you are looking for a travel-friendly serum that promises not to be messy, then take a look at Olay’s new serum sticks (C$25.98).

Available in three formulas, Refreshing, Brightening, and Cooling, these pressed serum sticks are formulated with a combination of Vitamin B3 and concentrated hydrating ingredients, including glycerin.

The stick formulation ensures that there is less water in the formula and more concentrated ingredients, which means you get more bang for your buck with these.  Olay says there is 60 uses per stick, so these will last you a while.

I like these since you apply them directly onto the skin rather than applying on your hands and then working it in.  I also like the fact that it isn’t watered down, so you get more concentrated ingredients in the product.

The Refreshing Serum Stick contains Vitamin B3 with Sake Kasu, which is a Japanese ingredient containing amino acids and antioxidants to help refresh and reinvigorate the skin. It also has a scent of fruits and berries.

The Brightening Serum Stick contains B3 with Vitamin C, which is known to brightening the skin tone.  As for scent, this one has a fragrance of jasmine and white florals, perfect for applying in the morning.

Finally, the Cooling Serum Stick has B3 with cactus water to cool and soothe the skin. Cactus water has electrolytes and antioxidants to cool and soothe the skin. This one is perfect for a day out in the sun as it will provide a nice respite to sun-damaged skin. It has a nice energizing citrusy scent.

There are so many awesome products from Olay this season that will help you reset your skincare routine. Let me know what you pick up!

Have you tried any of Olay’s new spring skin releases?

Note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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