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Bright eyes: A wearable night-out look

Last weekend was a busy one! My birthday was yesterday and since it fell on a Tuesday (whomp, whomp…) that meant the weekend was filled with festivities. I’m not a fan of wasting makeup so I love when I get the chance to go out, solely based on the fact that I can use all […]

Feeling blue… How to wear blue lipstick

Reds, nudes, pink, and purples.. but what about blues? Okay, so blue may not be the most conventional lipstick colour, but it seems like “wacky” colours, a la blues, blacks, greens, and really anything that can be classified as “unicorn shades” are so totally in right now. A few months ago, Lime Crime sent me a few of their products […]

Smooth infusion: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Bodycare

Argan oil has been the talk of the town for hair for the past few years, so naturally, this oil from the Atlas mountains in Morocco would make its way into skincare. Argan oil, which for centuries was used traditionally by Berber women as part of their hammam beauty rituals to protect and nourish their […]