From the earth: KMS Conscious Style hair care line

I’ve been talking a lot on here about haircare recently.

I always love trying out new haircare lines, especially if those lines are salon brands.  I’m not usually picky with my haircare products, but I know that hairstylists always recommend to use ones that are formulated for salon use and KMS is one of those brands.

Now a big movement in the beauty industry over the last few years has been more natural products and if you are looking for a hair line that falls into this category then take a look at KMS Conscious Style line.

The KMS Conscious line, made up of four products, is a range of gentle products that are formulated with minimal and mostly naturally-derived high-performing ingredients that have a nominal impact on nature.  These products include ingredients that are sustainably sourced, highly effective, and carefully picked using ECOCERT extracts, such as oat oil and moringa seed oil, which are known for being full of antioxidants and protect against environmental pollutants.

KMS Conscious Style hair care line shampoo and conditioner

Start your haircare routine first with the Conscious Style Everyday Shampoo (C$21.50), which is made up of 92 per cent ingredients of natural origin. It gently cleanses and provides weightless hydration, leaving hair with a natural feel and a healthy shine.

The formula contains lactic acid to support internal reconstruction, polyquaternium-53 to even out the hair’s surface, panthenol for moisture, moringa seed oil for hydration and protection against environmental pollutants, and oat oil, known to be gentle and soothing properties that help to maintain the scalp’s natural balance.

For the conditioner, take a look at the Conscious Style Everyday Conditioner (C$23.50), which contains 98 per cent ingredients of natural origin. It detangles hair without weighing it down, as well as adds manageability and elasticity.

For formula contains lactic acid to support internal reconstruction, as well as cetrimonium chloride to even out the hair’s surface, isopropyl palmitate to leave hair feeling light and non-greasy. It also has panthenol and glycerin for moisture, and moringa seed oil and oat oil.

KMS Conscious Style hair care line styling products

Once you’re out of the shower, spray some of the Conscious Style Multi-Benefit Spray (C$24.50), which is a flexible style and finishing hairspray. This non-aerosol spray gives a lightweight hold, hydration, elasticity, and heat protection.

This spray contains 79 per cent ingredients of natural origin.  As a styling spray is enhanced manageability and adds natural texture during blow-drying.  As a finishing spray it offers a weightless, flexible hold for your style and reduces frizz.

Finally, for styling the hair, use the Conscious Style Styling Putty (C$23.50), which provides control, definition, and matte-textured finish.  This putty provides control, definition, and a matte-textured finish.  It also gives hair long-lasting hold without feeling stiff.

The formula contains 84 per cent ingredients of natural origin. It has hydrolyzed corn starch, which is a natural styling polymer that provides long-lasting hold without feeling stiff.  It also has carnauba wax, which is a natural plant wax to provide hold and texture, as well as seals in moisture and protects against dryness. Finally, it also has hydrogenated vegetable oil, moringa seed oil, and oat oil in it as well.

KMS Conscious Style hair care line

I am looking forward to using these products on a regular basis and will probably rotate them between the haircare products I’m currently using. I also want to note that the packaging on these products are 100 per cent recyclable, so it’s a full sustainable experience.

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my honest own.

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