Zen skin: Fresh Floral Recovery Calming Mask

My skin has been acting up lately.

I have been finding that the lower half of my face has just felt irritated and dry, so much so that I’m constantly spraying with a hydrating mist. It might be the weather or it might be the whole mask thing. Whatever it is, I don’t love it.

Last week I got Fresh’s first-ever mask for sensitive skin, which as you can see, came just in time since my face needed some major TLC. The Fresh Floral Recovery Calming Mask (C$89) is an overnight face mask that is proven to calm signs of sensitivity, such as redness, uneven skin tone, and rough texture, leaving you with an even-toned complexion.

Fresh Floral Recovery Calming Mask

The mask contains a formula powered by floral extracts, including passionflower, cornflower, cherry blossom, and peony, and works to calm and reduce redness for those with sensitive skin. It also contains vitamin C and squalene to brighten and smooth skin.

Now although it is a mask, you can replace this with your night moisturizer for an everyday (or rather, night) treatment. Put it on before bed and wake up with more even-toned, brighter skin. It also helps to combat redness, dryness, and irritation.

Fresh Floral Recovery Calming Mask

Now as soon as I got this, I basically ripped open the jar and slathered a layer of it on a dry patch on my skin. Fresh says that you can do spot treatments for immediate relief, leaving it on for five to 10 minutes before wiping off. Truthfully, I just left it on because trust me, I need all the help I can get right now. When I felt the area a couple of hours later the rough patch was still there but it wasn’t as bad as when I noticed it initially. After a few days of using this I did notice a difference in my skin texture and was really happy with the results and how it made my skin look and feel.

I think I found my new go-to nighttime moisturizer!

Have you tried Fresh’s newest mask?

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