Heavy-duty skincare: My top products from Skinceuticals

When it comes to skincare, I’ve tried a lot of brands, but one in particular has always been a constant highlight in my routine and that’s Skinceuticals.

The medical-grade skincare brand is one that you can find at medispas, dermatology offices, and more. It’s a brand that is often used to correct signs of aging, as well as to complement aesthetic procedures.

Now I’ve used a ton of items from the brand and overall have really loved all of them. Their items are quite pricey so if you want to give Skinceuticals a go but don’t know where to start, then don’t worry, I got you. Keep reading…

Skinceuticals HA Intensifier

HA Intensifier

Skinceuticals is known for their serums and if there is one product to pick up, then I would definitely recommend one of their serums (okay maybe two, a hyaluronic acid serum and a Vitamin C one).

If you are looking for something for firming, then take a look at their H.A. Intensifier (C$132). This serum is designed to be used after a Vitamin C serum and is ideal for all types of skin.

The H.A. Intensifier is a multi-beneficial corrective serum that is proven to amplify skin’s hyaluronic acid levels. It’s ideal for anti-aging and sun damage and can help reduce the look of crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines. It’s great to use if you already get Botox and fillers as it complements these procedures.

The formula contains a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid, as well as proxylane, and botanical extracts of licorice root and purple rice to support skin’s hyaluronic acid levels. With regular use it will help with hydration, as well as improve the appearance of firmness, smoothness, and plumpness.

In the morning apply it after your Vitamin C and at night apply it after your retinol.

Skinceuticals Silymarin CF Serum

Silymarin CF Serum

A great serum to pair the HA Intensifier with is their Silymarin CF Serum, which is one of the newest products from the brand.

The Silymarin CF (C$190) is a Vitamin C ideal for those who suffer from breakouts or acne. This serum is specifically formulated for those who have oily and blemish-prone skin. It is proven to reduce oiliness, refine skin texture, and visibly improve skin clarity and fine lines.

This serum contains 0.5 per cent silymarin, which is milk thistle extract that helps to prevent oil oxidation and provides antioxidant protection against free radicals. It also has 15 per cent L-ascorbic acid, 0.5 per cent ferulic acid, and 0.5 per cent salicylic acid, which refines pores and helps to prevent skin against breakouts.

Skinceuticals says that with regular use, this serum can prevent breakouts from happening since it targets oil oxidation. It also will reduce oiliness, refine skin texture, minimize pores, and visibly improve skin clarity and fine lines. Although I don’t have acne or suffer from many breakouts, this serum will come in handy to prevent maskne. You can also use it as a spot treatment as well or just apply it to the lower half of the face if you want it to go a long way (which, at $190 a pop, this isn’t something you want to rush through).

I’ve tried a bunch of their Vitamin C serums and really love this one and the CE Ferulic one (which is more ideal for my normal to dry skin). They are all great options and one of the best Vitamin C serums out there. They are pricey but well worth the investment!

Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 Sunscreen

Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 Sunscreen

The last step in your daytime routine should be a sunscreen and Skinceuticals makes one of the best ones out there.

The Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 sunscreen (C$51) is ideal for protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It’s a broad-spectrum 100 per cent physical sunscreen that is also great to use post-procedure, as well as sensitive skin and dry skin.

Now I know facial sunscreens are a dime a dozen nowadays but this one is a great one to pick up, especially since it’s a medical-grade brand. It contains artemia salin, a plankton extract that is known to increase skin’s resistance to UV and heat-induced stress.

Top three products from Skinceuticals

Now this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Skinceuticals products and I really could go on and on about more items from the brand. I wanted to keep this post short and sweet and highlight the products that I feel would be the most worthwhile to pick up and I truly believe that these are all great options to add to your skincare collection.

Have you tried Skinceuticals before?

Products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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