Make it pop: Three great gift ideas from Shoppers Beauty

It always surprises me what Shoppers Drug Mart has in store.

No longer does the popular Canadian drugstore carry just pharmaceutical products and drugstore beauty, but they have basically anything and everything you can think of.

I always love to browse Shoppers during the holiday season since you can find so many excellent gift ideas in store at all different price points. From toys to cosmetics to chocolates and jewelry, there is truly something for everyone, which makes it a great place to shop for gifts.

Now with that being said, obviously when it comes to cosmetics, Shoppers Drug Mart has tons of great items in store. They actually recently sent me a giant box of goodies and there were three that stood out to me as some great gift ideas, no matter who you are giving them to.

Quo Cosmetics Crackers

Quo Beauty Cosmetic Crackers

I’ve gotten these Quo Beauty Cosmetic Crackers (C$15) for a few years in a row now and find them to be an excellent gift idea.

If you have a lot of friends that you need to buy gifts for, then I would definitely pick this up.  This set comes with six crackers that contain mini Quo Beauty lip glosses in all sorts of colours. You can either gift this as a set or break them up (it would be perfect as a party favour for a girlfriend’s holiday dinner!). They would also make great gift ideas for every night of Hanukkah (you would need two more though to round out the eight days).

Life Brand Frosted Forest Soothing Sheet Mask

Life Brand Soothing Sheet Mask

Another great gift idea is a sheet mask.

Now obviously you would want to get something else to round out the gift, but if you are doing up some gift bags then a sheet mask is a great addition.

As part of their Life Brand, Shoppers has a festive sheet mask in their holiday line up, the Frosted Forest Soothing Sheet Mask. At only C$1.99, you can stock up on these as they are perfect for healing dry and tired winter skin.

This sheet mask is formulated with willow herb to soothe irritated skin, as well as purslane extract to replenish dry skin and keeping it hydrated and nourished.

Quo Beauty All the Glam Brush Set

Quo Beauty All The Glam Brush Set

My very first brushes were a holiday brush set from Quo, so I hold their brushes near and dear to my heart.

Every year Quo Beauty comes out with amazing brush sets and this year is no different.  One of their sets is the All The Glam Brush Set (C$25, valued at $50), which is an amazing value and comes with six brushes and a case.

This brush set has six travel-sized brushes, including a powder brush, a foundation brush, a crease brush, an all-over shadow brush, a smudge brush, and a pointed liner brush, all of which comes housed in a tin canister.

All the brushes feature 100 per cent synthetic fibers and are sure to become your favourite brushes yet.  Also, can we just talk about that price? For $25 you can’t go wrong with this.  Their brushes usually sell out quick, so hop on this right away!


Of course there are so many amazing gift ideas from Shoppers, both from their in-house brand and others that everyone knows and loves. Make sure to pop into your nearest location to see the gift ideas in person, or check them out online as well!

Will you be picking up any gifts from Shoppers Drug Mart this holiday season?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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